Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Was Astonished, I Tell Ya!

"Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it."
~ Mary Oliver

I don't know this Mary, but when I read her words, I knew that I had to include them for you today. I think Mary must write a blog. Because, I know that whenever I'm astonished by anything, I have to jet to mine and capture the feeling so I can tell you about it.

I also know that having to constantly be on the search for things to share has made me pay very close attention to all aspects of my life now. It's interesting that writing this has pushed me toward my goal of actively living my life and staying in the moment. Always the best way to live.

That first photo is from my gardens and is now one of my favorite images. Not because of anything technical I did in the taking of it. I'm just a chick with a camera, not a photographer. A photographer is one who has the skills to enhance, change, manipulate, turn something into an artistic expression. No, I'm not a photographer.

Instead, I'm simply a woman who is watching out for things to astonish me...things like that hydrangea. How many people are so lucky to go out and find a flower heart in her garden? Well, it's as close to a heart as you're likely to find without altering the image in some fashion. I think it is stunning and it made me laugh when I saw it. So I'm telling you about it, too.

The next thing that is pretty astonishing to me at the moment is this piece of fab artwork-

This is Sema's work. And it's astonishing because she did it as a surprise for me. She was so impressed by the story of how Eileen named her new lily after me, that she used it as a prompt for her daily art project. I think it's as stunning as the actual lily because, a snippet of my life and the telling of it, inspired her.

I am very often astonished at what I see and read on other blogs. Some of us write with such clarity. Humor. Inspiration. Feeling. It evokes deep emotion and makes us stop and consider and learn. Some of us astonish with the images they capture with their lenses. Others, with their creations like jewelry, art, drawings, collages. All fascinating and worth our time. Beautiful.

And, here's the last bit of telling for you- Evan comes home today on leave! We go to pick him up at the airport in just a little while. Michael and I are so excited that he will be here and I know the time will jet by way too quickly before he leaves for Hurlburt Field in Pensacola. But, I'm not going to rush ahead. Today, I'll sit and be astonished at how fast seven months has gone by since he left for basic training. And, tell you how glad I am that he'll be home in just a few hours.

All I can do is tell you when I'm astonished. And, hope that in the telling you'll be infected by that kernel of astonishment. And, your sense of wonder will be passed along to us.

So, go pay attention to your life. I hope you find moments of astonishment over what you find there. Come back soon and tell us all about it. We'll be waiting!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Walks In Wonder


Janet said...

Beautiful Holly, as usual! That hydrangea is gorgeous! And I know exactly what you mean about noticing things - just being aware of things around you more acutely, when around every corner is the potential for an enlightening tale to tell. Thanks for sharing!

And enjoy your time with Evan. Another thing that will astonish you, I'm sure, as the next few years go by, is the immeasurable pride you can feel for a young man/woman as you witness them becoming a very grown-up person. it's amazing!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beautiful hydrangea heart! Mary Oliver is a fabulous American poet. You'd like her poems, they often find spiritual significance in the everyday small things of life.

Peaches said...

♥ Great advice, Holly, which I will take to heart. I will pay attention and surrender to moments of astonishment.

Kavindra said...

I'm not astonished at all, either by the fact that the universe gifted you with a hydrangea heart, nor that people like Sema love you and send you beautiful art gifts, not even by the fact that you wrote another amazing inspiring post. I have come to expect all these wonders from and around you.

And thank you for your comment on my post about clarity. I knew you would "get it" but I was astonished you put it into words so perfectly for me ;)

Eileen said...

Wonderful post ... wonderful plans for this special holiday ... having Evan home while celebrating the red, white and blue!!! Savor it all.

chrisk said...

Amazingly true. There are many days when I feel so hurried that I don't pay attention to the truely awesome events and people around me. Thank you for the reminder and have a great time with Evan!

Sarah said...

Oh what a lovely gift!!! IT is beautiful!! Just like what you write!!
Oh enjoy Evan while he is there!! Hope you have a lovely week!!
Hugs and blessing, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics shared! I love them both... so encouraging. Thanks so much for the advice too... we all need to stop & enjoy what we have; even the little things we missed b/c we're all too busy.
~Hugs, HL

spottedwolf said...

Holly...late last night as I prepared for bed...ol' Spud sprawled in the bathroom usual. So I walked to the back door and opened it assuming he wanted out. Not so...he just wanted I said "srew that buddy, you ain't stayin' in and wake us up in an hour!" I grabbed him and tossed him out sayiny, "there, Spud....go eat a rabbit." Hmmmmm........

If cats live in 'Alpha" then he musta seen th' image bcuz we were greeted by the remains of Mr. Bunny this AM........I'm amazed by life in an ongoing every aspect from its intelligence and its ignorance and ugliness.

Excellent scree Hollygirl!!

beth said...

I'm paying attention unmade life and all the joy it brings !
love ya :)

sema said...

Hi Holly,
It is my turn to be astonished!I was pleasantly surprised to see my painting here.It was my gift for the wonderful lessons I have learnt by getting to know you.
blessings for abundance

Joanna Jenkins said...

"So, go pay attention to your life" GREAT advice! Life has been flying by so fast lately I'm going to make a point of it. Thanks for the reminder.

I wish you a fabulous visit with Evan. I know how much you've been looking forward to it. xo

cinner said...

Holly.. I am so glad Evan will be home. That is awesome. I absolutley love the art by sema...beautiful...You have such a radiant personality, you make us all enjoy our days better. Take care, cinner

Anonymous said...

This life is filled with astonishing things and moments. Thanks for sharing. I had to show my husband the hydrangea! It is gorgeous! We've been surprised by many growing things that have come to life since moving here. Isn't it wonderful? Enjoy your time with Evan.

miss*R said...

I love hydrangeas! I haven't any in my garden now but I do plan to plant some in springtime.. my grandma was famous for her hydrangeas!
sometimes when I read blogs, I gasp with wonder at how perfect the words are for me..

Ribbon said...

Yes Holly blogging has also encouraged me to be more aware of my surroundings.
I absolutely love the photo of the hydrangea ~ especially because it's shaped like a heart.
I wish I could sit in the garden with you and have a warm chat over a nice cup of tea :-)

Enjoy your time with Evan.

take care and thank you so very much for always taking the time to visit with me.

best wishes xoxo Ribbon

PS I'm astonished that blogger has let me visit here today :-)

anne h said...

I want to add my compliments to the long list of admirers! Great post. Beautiful!

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