Sunday, July 5, 2009

Awards & Other Gifts

a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">I am one of those people who can't function if everything isn't in its place or category. Files have to line up...papers must be in a specific location so that I can put my hands on them when I need to...I know, I don't act like it wanting to be all wild and free about my life, but when it comes to my work space and other things,well, "Order in the kingdom," cries The Queen! But, if you read the post where I shared my crafting room with you, you already know that.

So, as I was considering changes to my blog, to keep it fresh and interesting, I began to fash over my badges and other items...and I thought, what happens to them if they're lost??? I couldn't handle that. I've decided to do this post as a means of keeping them all tucked safely in one spot. And, should I be lucky to have others, well, I'll simply add them to this post and they can safely play nice with the others already here.

There's a date on this post, but actually it's an on-going work in progress.

I started the post with the artwork by Sema who created this for me after she read my post about my garden. I love that piece created because of something I wrote! Amazing. I know it's not an award, but trust me, that piece plus the mandala! Those are two of my favs.

Then, just the other day, a new friend, Janet, who writes a fun blog, "Are we there yet?" surprised me with this cool award...
It's for blogs that go great with morning coffee! I like that very much since I sit here every morning going from spot to spot with my mug in hand. So thanks Janet, I'm happy to come by and drink a cuppa with you!

Tell me this isn't a cutie?
This one was gifted to me by Dreamwriter over at Spiritual Expressions and as I said on the post about this award, I like her way of considering life from the magickal to the mundane. She has a direct, earthy way of writing that is all her.

I think this award is quite adorable.

This one is given to me twice, first by Sarah of Cottage Garden Studio and then by Barb at A Bird In My Hand. It's quite a lovely award. Thank you to both for such a growing honor!

And this one is from my Wishcasting Wednesday colleague, Beverly at Bunny's Girl. I truly appreciate the power of our combined wishes.

When I was new to blogging, I was gifted to meet an amazingly creative blogger, Toni of Seaweed And Gardenias. A brief period of time later, she quickly became a friend. Isn't it amazing how that can happen over the Internet? What I was not prepared for however, is the open and generous nature of this woman! That's truly a gift. Toni, a visual artist, also loves words and she's quite fond of people who she feels write well. So, she created this award... honor those of us whose only gift to you is the stories we tell. This one? This one made me cry. Toni, thank you for recognizing writing as art. She's now started a new blog where she concentrates solely on her writing. Visit her at The Weight of Me.

Speaking of artists, Sarah of Cottage Garden Studio created this award to honor bloggers who nurture and support others. I was one of the lucky recipients in its inaugural gifting.

Sarah, is quite a wonderful artist full of whimsy and fun. And, now she's getting into photography and is showing quite a skill with that tool as well. Thank you Sarah, for not only creating this award, the thought that went into it, but finding my work here worthy of such an award.

Okay, this one? This one is special because it thoroughly makes me laugh! This one was created by Mr. Author who runs things over at Life With Dogs.

This blog that more or less tries to tell the stories of three wild canines, a crazy cat, and the two Humans who attempt to live with them, is one of my first stops in the morning. It's irreverent, hysterical, and down-right tweaked most days. And, I couldn't think of anything better than being one of the Friday Five. Each week, the guy who runs the asylum and Nigel the dog, pick out five recipients that they enjoy reading and award the hydrant! Better than an Oscar for me, and my Scotties say it's easier to aim at! What an honor, so thanks Mr. Author!

I used to see this badge on lots of blogs I visited and I loved it as it made me happy whenever I saw it. And, I never thought it would be mine until, until, until, Mel of from clutter to shine decided that she wanted to let me know that she finds life here at Your Mother Knows to be sweet and fun!

If you want to read about interesting topics that you wouldn't normally consider on your own, I highly recommend Miss Mel. She has this great organic, kind, earthy way about her writing. It makes you feel as though you are sitting down for a visit with a friend to puzzle out some of the answers to life's big questions. Thank you very much, Mel!

Sarah, gifted me with this award as well. It's to honor those of us who attempt to set the world ablaze with passion and love of others. I think I attempt that here and those of you who leave your messages inspire me to keep finding ways to make us all love our lives more.

And, to find ways to help all of us share our unique light with others.

This one? Everybody loves this one! Is it the colors? Is it that it says clearly that the person who receives it is perceived as creative? All of that, I think. I really love this one.

More than that, I love that it was given to me by Sarah, Sema & Toni! I am in good company, indeed.

This sweet award is one that is self explanatory, and wonderful. Given to me by Samantha of The Everyday Witch who reminds us that magick exists all around us, but it's on us to look closely to find it.

Later still, Sarah shared it with me and so did Cinner, my blog friend from up north in Canada. Cinner, is a sweet and charming soul who writes Things About Who, What When, Where & Why for her own amusement, sharing the days of her life and reminding all of us when you read it, that we are so much more alike than we are different when it comes to living...

And, I encounter more creative arts when I visit with Soulbrush whose delightful blog is a potpourri of all sorts of artwork of her fabrication, snippets of her world, pictures of her loved ones and pets...and all from across the pond in London. I love visiting with her to see what angles

and visions have captured her imagination to share with us. She found my blog while following Toni, and they share so much in common as visual artists. I was delighted that she found her time here "lovely!"

But, in all honesty, while I am good with the idea that you all find inspiration here, please trust me when I say...

...that my readers inspire me every day. With their insights, their comments, the sharing, the open and honest nature of the things that are told. The blogs that they all create. We are remarkable. All of us. Really.

This one? This last one is what started it all. This one was given to me by Toni. My very first badge. I was thrilled. I still am when I look at it. And, if you'd like to read the info that I was asked to share with you upon receiving it, well, here you go!

Thank you. All of you. For those that have awarded these to me. For Sema who has actually created artwork because of words that I've shared. For all of you who come to read regularly or drift by for an occasional lurk.

I know I've told you that I do this for myself for a wide variety of reasons. But, the truth is, I had no idea how important it would become for me, and the sense of connection and creative spark I would gain because of all of you.

That said, if there's a badge here that really tickles you fancy and you would like to have on your blog, PLEASE HELP YOURSELF! I am delighted to have you pick one out and tell everyone that over at Your Mother Knows But Won't Tell You, you can come away with a pretty any time you'd like! Oh, except for Mental Ducks To Mental Swans and the Gold Hydrant; those, the creators confer as they see fit. Have a ball with any and all of the rest!

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Sarah said...

Awww thanks Holly you made my day!!! You deserved every single one!!! Huge hugs, Sarah

Joanna Jenkins said...

Great idea for a post to keep things all in one place! And a very impressive list of awards dear Queen.
I have no idea how to make a button/award let alone pass it on, but if I did, I'd give you the Snarky Sister of the Year Award because you rock!!!

Mel said...

What a gorgeous collection of sidebar bling you have!! And every single one of them muchly deserved.... shucks....but I'm so flattered by what you said about li'l ol' me -- I quite delight in being described as earthy and organic - but then again, I suppose you knew that, huh? ;)

~much love and adoration to you...the LC of our EC~

cinner said...

Holly, what a list you have. thankyou for the nice things you said about me...I am so thrilled for you. I love the artwork that was done for you. You have a special place in my heart.Big Hug, cinner

Big Pissy said...

What a great collection you have there! :)

anne h said...

It's seems like I say it every day ... BUT... Another Great Post!

Ribbon said...

lovely collection Holly...
I too wouldn't have a clue how to make an award.
They're lovely to receive, but yes where to put them?
Great idea to keep them in one post.
Recently I was considering having another page devoted to awards and almost like a shop where you could go and choose and pick one up :-)

best wishes and congratulations on your collection.


sema said...

Holly,I'm flattered reading your post.Thank you for your appreciation.I value your comments at my blog and love visiting your blog to read new insights and to get to know more of a wonderful person.
My day is made ,I'm so happy my works are 2 of your favs.
I did not see my bloglists yesterday and hence missed this post.I am glad I went through them today.You deserve all the awards and many more in the future.

Janet said...

Well, you ARE all that and a bag o'chips! Very special! Thanks!! xoxo

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