Monday, July 13, 2009

Would You Trade?

Would you trade it?
If you knew that the
of saying goodbye would be as
significant as the
of saying hello?

Would you trade it?
If the idea that
could be so much harder than
and hurt for quite awhile after?

Would you trade it?
To avoid the sense of
that stays as you watch them drive away
or you're the one who is driving
feeling that you're
everything in your rear view mirror?

Would you trade it?
When you realize that the time together is
too short
and you achingly remember you love them
so much?

Would you trade it?
Absolutely~ no.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Airman Frock's WSM


Eileen said...

Holly ... you have joined the ranks of the millions before you ... it's when the success of the job of parenting has to be shared with the pain of separation. The pride you both feel for Evan will see you through ... and he will remain in my prayers for safe-keeping.

Anonymous said...

I completely empathize with you. My oldest daughter and her family moved two states away in Jan. of this year, and the next oldest joined them less than a month ago. I love them and miss them like crazy! It is something to be worked through, though, and the pride and happiness I feel for them helps alot. They will always be my kids no matter where they go. I know I preach that less is more, but thank God for the internet! It allows me to remain a part of their lives on a daily basis through their words and pictures, so it doesn't seem that we're always so far apart.

Sarah said...

Aww hon..hugs to you!!
Nope..not a single one - or the hubby. Despite the pain..I wouldn't trade a single one!! My children and my hubby have been some of the greatest teachers in my life!!
Oy it's hard to let them go! Even when you have had them up to your ears..still hard to cut those strings. Nonni is off to Kindergarten this year - it's killing me!!!
Evan will remain in my thoughts and too hon!! Love, Sarah

cinner said...

Holly, Evan will be in our thoughts and prayes too. Your post made me cry today, it reminded me of my Dad and when I left the farm. I have no children but I do understand how hard this time must be for you. Big Hug, cinner

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hi Holly, you've got some good looking men in your life!

Sara said...

Thinking of Evan. xx

I would never trade it either. Those thoughts of longing and missing (and even worry) make it just that much better when you see eachother again. I had those feelings on a much smaller level today as I left my 5 year old at his first all day Summer camp. *sigh*

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

The sweet joy of saying hello is worth all of the painful good-byes in life. I wouldn't trade a single one. My thoughts are with you. Keep the faith.

sema said...

Holly ,I understand how you are feeling.I am also in the same son is going to u.k. for higher studies and the pain of separation is there but the thought that he is moving up to the next stage in life makes you understand that all is for the good.

Holly said...

Thanks everyone! It's interesting, when I wrote this poem, it was actually in Evan's voice because we got a phone call from him when we were blue last night, and he was very sad and said, "I'm sorry I even took leave!" Turns out he was feeling very home sick and sad just like we were.

So, I suppose I was thinking of him and that comment, but it certainly does apply to how I am feeling about saying "so long," to him once more.

beth said...

I wouldn't trade it either....ever !
will my hug work as a band-aid for your fractured heart ?

James said...

Wow good job I read the other comments first....I thought you were talking about trading the car.

soulbrush said...

i also thought you were trading the's so hard when we live apart from our families. the world is a global village now, with everyone on the move...namaste to you too.

Mel said...

I can't even begin to's hard for me to see Savannah off for a playdate sometimes...;)

I remember when I first went back to work when the kids were small...even though B was home with them it ripped out a piece of my soul that i don't know i'll ever get back...I bawled the whole way there...

...and after a few months and I couldn't take it anymore and quit..I bawled all the way home on my last day....:)

Such is the coin to be paid for the honour of loving our Little Ones...

Thinking of you Dear One...and no, I'm not abandoning everyone..I left an explanatory comment...*grin*...

Chester said...

Even though it's not the same as being there, thank God for internet and how we can stay close with loved ones far away.

No trades-NOPE! None at all.
Chester and Mom ;0=)

The Fragrant Muse said...

I almost can't read this. My youngest will be off to college in the fall and then, empty nest.

Ann Marie said...

Holly, I love your poem. It says so much to me about so many things.
Ann Marie

Joanna Jenkins said...

Gosh Holly, I wish I was there to give you all a hug. I've felt those feelings many times over the years. My heart goes out to Evan and Michael and you.

Your poem is beautifully written!


Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

Holly, I love your posts. I remember shortly after losing my firstborn (full term stillborn) asking my good friend who had lost one a little earlier if the joy of the birth of the living child outweighed the grief of the one that had passed and she said by far. Although I still grieve I am glad I didn't pass on the opportunity for joy due to fear of loss. The joy of moving on creates so many opportunities to feel and live. Great post.

anne h said...

Holly - a great post. Heartfelt...

Life With Dogs said...

The right answer every time. Sorry the house is a little more quiet now, but it was great to see you all spend so much time together...

Liv said...

My two boys are little, but I already think about the day when they'll fly out of the nest. I'm sure my heart will both break and rejoice. Lovely blog - thanks for your candid thoughts.

Beauty & Blessings,

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

Bless you and your family! May they all remain happy and safe in each others love!

Cam said...

Holding you and Evan in the light tonight, Holly...and wishing you both comfort and peace.

Love to you, friend!

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