Thursday, July 16, 2009

Of Spotted Wolves, Fireflies, and Mocking Birds

I sit as the day is slowly eaten
By the hungry dusk, small sliver by small sliver.
I sit on the ground,
Nothing more than the cloth of my pants
Meeting the moist, soft grass
Supported by the hard, warm earth.
I watch as evening wins and day gives in.

I sit and breathe the perfume
Given up by flowers as the air turns cooler.
The fragrant sigh of comfort after the heat of the day is done.
I sit and watch as the garden lights
Energized by their day in the sun
Begin the erratic flickering to life.
One by one following as if afraid to be left out of the crowd.

I watch as just out of my sight,
A wolf circles round and round.
Then sits regarding me
With level gaze and a canine grin
Unblinking it waits till I begin to know,
Then, without a sound, it pads off
And I watch it go.

I sit in the quiet and watch the display
As the fireflies begin their swirling play
Out of the lawn and into the night.
I watch as they multiply and make me smile.
I remember nights of catching them in jars
And safely letting them go before I headed to bed.

I sit there in the glory of early night
Giving thanks for my senses and my delight.
And, just as I think of sitting no longer,
Off in the distance, I hear the sweet song
Of my dear friend, the Mocking Bird,
Paying its homage to the day in its way.
Mimicking the songs of every other
But having no song of its own to sing.

And, as the serenade begins to fade,
I become aware of a new shade sitting close.
Just behind my right shoulder, on the grass
Close behind me with eyes the glow of
Firefly light and inky as the night now here,
The Panther sits and contemplates me,
And I, her, without fear.

She has made herself known to me on this
Summer night, as I sit on the grass
And watch the night grow
The fireflies dance,
The world slow.

With a prayer to the Old Ones, I say my thanks.
I rise with grace renewed and move toward the house.
This new acquaintance slinks quietly,
With familiarity, beside me.
A new chapter begins.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Seeks
all images, except the last one which is mine, courtesy of the Internet


Debra She Who Seeks said...


Peaches said...

..."It waited till I began to know"...Love it, Holly. I was right there...

anne h said...

Reclaim your rightful title as Queen of the Universe!
Looks like this story is spinning it's own happy the next chapter begins.
Strong metaphors, beautiful words, and profound content. Namaste to you as well!

sema said...

A soulful poem!
blessings for abundance

Kavindra said...

I got chills. Beautiful and powerful.

I felt connected to the mockingbird, and sad for us both that we don't have our own song.

Love the occasional and off rhymes too.

cinner said...

Very, very nice, and so something new begins.

beth said...

thank you for this and sharing it with us and letting it give off gentle reminders as we read it...

Mel said... you always are, my Dear...such power they have, don't they?

I, too, felt that twinge of sadness...but I think She would have Her own song, the mockingbird, if She chose to....there must be a Divine purpose in Her reflections of other voices....

~much LOVE~ and thankyou for this affirmation...

Liz said...

"She who seeks" - lovely!
I am "ShiningWoman" and my husband is "StandingBear".

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful words and images to remind us that while we are seeking, not to forget what is there all around us at any given time.
True Story: I was sitting at the computer a couple of days ago, when a turkey and her two chicks went walking by my window! She looked like she had made this journey through my backyard many times. The life that surrounds my house has continually provided such wonderful surprises since we moved in.

Jane said...

Gorgeous words and photos! Happy weekend :))

Toni said...

I knew you were a poet. Evidence, here. MORE!!! this is brilliant, may I print it off for my NEWLY STARTED journal?

Cam said...

Wise words, my friend...

Holding you in my heart as this journey back begins...

Blessings to you, Holly!

joyce said...

Is this a true poem?? "cause a panther so close would give me a chill, to say the least! Its beautifully written though, wonderful use of words:)

Kathleen Krucoff said...

You have a way with words, pictures, thoughts, sentiments.

Blessings to you my friend.

Sarah said...

Beautiful and deep my friend. Your voice is strong and true to me. Unique and not any copy. You are brave and honest and I looove that..Let fly girl - let that new chapter flow over you. Love you Queen Holly, Sarah

Ribbon said...

well done Holly :)

xoxo Ribbon

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Holly, this is beautiful. It brought back a wonderful memory!

The first time I took Godson home to meet my family in Ohio he was six years old. The first summer night we were there, he came racing into the house to tell me the "night was glowing"! He was breathless and talking so fast I had no idea what he was saying. So we went outside and he jumped and pointed and woo-hoo'd at the fireflies-- Which he had never seen before.

It was a magical night and one we talk about often. We go to Ohio every summer, and even though he's 12 now, catching fireflies is always a top priority on his list! Thanks for reminding me.

I love your writing. Again I say--- You have A BOOK in you Snarky Sister! xoxo

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