Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For My Eyes, Thank You

Tiny brown birds stand out sharply against the white on the deck rails. Not even Halloween and there's snow here along the Chestnut Ridges of Western PA. Those big fat lazy flakes that mesmerize as you watch them fall. Slowly drifting, swaying side to side. The birds are busy hitting the bird feeder attempting to keep their bodies warm. Some sit fluffed up looking twice their size, heads tucked tightly to their chests. The scarlet leaves still on our tree blaze against the white.

In a couple of hours, this vision will be gone as the temps warm. For the moment, the first snow is another opportunity to say, "Thank you, Spirit, for my eyes!" Another experience to be grateful for being a Human Being so I can take in this sort of sensory input.

As the snow visits and re-visits over the winter, clogging traffic and making life temporarily more complicated, I know it will be harder to remember this tranquility and beauty. I'd better file it away under, 'Peaceful Moments' and try to recall it when I'm frustrated by the weather...sick of the constant assault of winter that will seem endless at times.

But, for this second, while I sit here and listen to the rush of the heat coming through the vents, and smell my cup of coffee... While I watch out the window at the early snow, I will be grateful for being alive and aware and acknowledge it. I'll hope you can find a moment like this in your day, too.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to experience that moment again this year. OR, a better one when school is closed and I can go back to sleep.

I look forward to the first big snow of the winter when I can take Carley out on a sled. It's been a long long time since the sleds were out.

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