Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get Ready, Here We Go

So, here's the first installment of me talking with you. Why? Why would I add yet another blip to the blog universe? Well, it's your fault...all of you. Yes, you. How so? Because people think I, 'know things.' They think I have an interesting way of taking abstract concepts and emotional issues and putting those thoughts into words. It's my ability to cut through it. It's my willingness to share what I've learned and what I'm experiencing. The other day, a new acquaintance of mine, a very savvy exec asked me, "Holly, why aren't you blogging? You should be blogging!" I believe Spirit speaks to us in voices we can recognize. Alex was the third person to say something to me about blogging in a few days. Okay, so I hear You! I get it. So, here's me, finally finding the courage to do this in a public forum. Good for me! I hope, good for you as well.

I used to be an adjunct faculty member at Towson University, and many times about the discussions we had in class, my students always said, "We need to have more discussions like these. Why doesn't anyone tell us this stuff?" There's no simple answer to that. I suppose it's because those of us who have family only get told the, "thou shalt nots," and what to be fearful of...the stuff that teaches one how to get by in a world as complex as ours, well, not so much talk about those things. I used to think it would be just the females who were interested in my points of view, but the guys in the class would say, "We need to know this stuff, too!" So, come one and come all.

Michael, my beloved has always told his kids, Melissa & Evan, "Experience is the best teacher, but someone else's experience is even better." And, so, that's what this is about. I'll tell you my thoughts about being a Spirit-centered, sensual, sexual, aware Human Being. I will share my notions of spirituality and my connection with Spirit. I'll share my concepts of being a woman and the strength of living completely. You'll get to know my friends and family who are truly wonderful people. You'll hear me speak often of my dad, Jimmy. Now, he was a real character and the most insightful Human Being I've ever encountered.

So, back to your mom and why I titled this blog as I did. Turns out, your mother knows these things, but honestly, she's bound by the code of being a female and a mom and well, there are rules of engagement and etiquette. Me? There's good news and bad. The good news is, I'm not your Mom, so I can tell you what I know to be true without emotional anchors. The bad news is that, I'm not your Mom. So, I'm not worried about hurting your feelings or making sure self-esteem doesn't suffer. That's on you. If you read something here and you don't agree, please, with the same respect I give you, let me know how you feel. If something you read makes you feel uncomfortable, dig deep and figure out what caused it. Let's talk about it when you have an inkling.

Understand something- you are important to me. Even if I don't know you personally, you are important. Your time is important; your view point is important. Your willingness to share with me is critical. Those who know me personally, who lovingly call me Queen of The Universe, know that they can trust everything that I've written here today. They know that I never forget my responsibility to the truth and the need to be kind and loving. For those I've yet to meet, let's take a walk of faith together and see how this goes. I believe it'll be an experience from which we both gain.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly AKA Queen of The Universe


Eileen said...

Holly ... the birthing of your blog was a bright spot in the middle of an otherwise horrifying day. I wish you well in this new endeavor ... you know I have always counted you among my wise woman friends. Send me all the positive vibes you've got in your basket, for I find myself on the way to a new life experience. Now I've given you a topic "transitions" ... discuss.

Electric Moose said...

Q of the U
Glad to see that you're now connected to the pixel universe and able to spread your wisdom, insight, values and love beyond the few of us that already know you. "Transitions" is a good opening topic. My advice is too listen to your heart and gut when they are telling you not to marry the woman coming to the church, when you know that she's not your true love. You will save yourself a hell of a hard transition 20 years later...the good news is that the transition, hard as it was, turned out great.10 years later I've more than survived it, I'm living MY life. I'll check back in on this topic after some more "Holly-bloggers" have had a chance to check in and sound off. This will be fun. It'll be interesting to see were it goes. Love ya

Chris Ruebel-Lantz said...

Something made me check out your profile on "Facebook" today. I saw you are now bloggin. Please tell me this is not the firt day you have posted a blog?
Hope to see you soon Lantzy

MelissaS said...

The Queen is back! The Queen is back!

School is in session.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write. This is my second trip to your blog and I'm now planning an daily trip on to check it out. Ever considered writing a book? Think about have a wonderful way of putting things into perspective. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write. This is my second trip to your blog and I'm now planning an daily trip on to check it out. Ever considered writing a book? Think about have a wonderful way of putting things into perspective. Thanks.

Joanna Jenkins said...

And so it goes.... 365 days later and you stuck to it and meant what you said! I'm so glad you shared the link to your very 1st post in your 1 year anniversary post. And I'm glad I'm here to celebrate with you.
Love ya. xo

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