Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recipe For Thanks Giving

I'm getting ready to prep things for tomorrow's feast. This will be an important holiday for Michael and me. Both of our kids will be with us, although with a dash of wistfulness we're aware the day draws closer when Evan leaves for basic training. Melissa will be bringing a guest, and we're looking forward to spending time with our daughter and making a new friend. It's the last Thanksgiving, for awhile, when Mike and his children will celebrate together. No matter how far our children go, we will always keep a candle burning in the window so they can find their way home. And, a place will always be set for them at our table.

For me, even with the tumult in the kitchen as I get things finished for the meal, I'll be thinking of the Maryland gang. And, I'll feel content as I look about at my family and guests loitering in the kitchen while I work. I'll revel in the laughing and talking that is music to my ears.

I will give thanks for it all, and most especially, I'll pause for a prayer for my beloved niece, Laura, who turns 30 tomorrow. One day, I'll tell you the story of how I fell in love with Lar-Lar. To top it all off, we're awaiting the arrival of her baby in the next couple of weeks. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Funny how the circle rolls. One child excitedly leaves to start his new life, while we wait for the newest member to come into our family. It's a beautiful thing, Life.

So, I thought today, I'd share a recipe for you to incorporate in your day tomorrow. Please, feel free to use this recipe every day if you like it:
- A dash of fond memories
- A heaping helping of bright, new moments
- A smidgen of shenanigans
- A gaggle of giggles when, "oh no, we forgot the cranberries!"
- An ounce of moderation, (but don't overdo it)
- A cup of kindness
- A peck of hope and thanks
- A pinch of sorrow as we remember those no longer with us
- Love & Laughter; to taste, as much as you can hold

Blend well together; share immediately with yourself and those who mean the most, be they close or far. Happy Thanksgiving, my readers! Make merry. And, be glad.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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Eileen said...

The recipe sounds easy enough and even I don't think I can make a mistake with that one!!! Spending the day with 3 of the 4 kids ... we're driving down to VA to my brothers. His son is just back from his second tour of duty in Iraq and so we have his safe return to add to the list of "thanks". My parents are arriving in VA tonight from FL and it will give us all another opportunity to spend time together ... the food is just the filler for a wonderful day! Love to you and yours Holly.

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