Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love's Circle

Theresa, my neighbor, called yesterday to tearfully tell me that Mary has died. Not, that it wasn't expected, Mary was quite old and in poor health.

The real reason this is not unexpected is that she has been lost without Lou, who died in September. Mary didn't want to keep trying with her life-partner gone. There's not a soul here that doesn't understand the rightness of all of this. Or, doesn't take joy in the idea that Mary & Lou are happily together again. And, there's not a soul here who doesn't hurt for Theresa's sorrow of losing her mom.

This loss will be hard. T and her father shared love, but Mary & T had a very tight bond. They had that great relationship some women grow over girlfriends. Not simply mother/daughter. What a beautiful circle love is; Mary was there to joyfully witness Theresa's first quavery breath and T was there holding Mary's hand when she took her last. The circle is complete.

No matter how much we are prepared, or how old we are when it occurs, none of us can help feeling orphaned by a parent's death. It's not rational. Not based in thought. I can't explain it; I can only say that it's a deep resonance in your soul. A moment when you feel, "I'm all alone now," even though you know others are supportively around you. And, my friend has been orphaned the hardest way having lost both of her parents in a few months, not the usual years.

It will take time for Theresa to recover from being orphaned. We're here to make certain that she does. God speed with our love, Mary! We'll take care of your little girl. Promise.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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Eileen said...

Tears of recognition ... sending warm comforting thoughts to T ... she gave Mary one of life's most precious gifts ... a loved one at her side as she crossed over. Sweet words Holly and those are a gift to one and all.

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