Monday, November 24, 2008

Love Always- Me

Today is my second anniversary. That's reminded me of Jack Benny. Why a comedian? Other than the zillions of jokes about being married, "take my wife, please," and things of that nature, what would make thoughts about my anniversary lead to a droll, witty, comedian? For that matter, one who's been dead for years. My mind...sometimes I even wonder!

It's because I recall a story about Jack, who was deeply in love with his wife, Mary, for 48 years even though they didn't have an easy marriage. As the story goes, the day after he died, the door bell rang and standing there was a delivery man from her favorite florist, holding a ruby red rose. She told him it must be a mistake; she hadn't ordered flowers. Respectfully, the delivery man confirmed, "It's not a mistake, Mrs. Benny. This is for you." And, with that, he left.

Opening the small envelope, the note read simply, "Love Always- Jack." She called the shop and the owner explained that she had a standing order for a rose to be delivered every day for as long as Mary lived. He made the arrangements as part of his will, foreseeing a time when he might not be around to do a loving gesture.

Now, I know this might be Hollywood factoid mixed with legend. But, somehow I think it is true or I need to believe that something this wonderful could be true. And, on my own wedding anniversary, I ponder a love so strong that you want the one who has captured your heart to know how deep your feelings run. To care so much that your special someone never forgets, not even for a single day, how much they mean to you.

On any given day, I have a difficult time putting my feelings for Michael into words. As good as I am with words, they fail me in this one area. Try as I might, the attempts feel inadequate. I can only 'feel' how much he is to me, never really define it. And, if that happens while I'm standing here with him, I wonder how he will know when, or once, I'm gone. Because, I promise you, far past my time here on earth, out-pacing our brief time together, Michael will own my heart every day. His love is my daily rose, as I hope mine is for him. He will always be The One for me.

Happy Anniversary, My Lion. Love Always- Me.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Eileen said...

Dear Holly and her hubby ... wishing you a most wonderful anniversary! When it's right (for all the right reasons) and works in spite of the little "wrongs" we all bring to a relationship ... ah, well there's nothing like it and it fits into one of those emotional events when there are no words ... your spirit is so strong and Mike is so in tune with it, that no matter what he'll always feel your love. However, there's nothing better than the real thing, so hug a little longer and kiss a little sweeter and well, you get it ... the spirit is with us always, but a warm body cannot be beat!

Anonymous said...

Happy Aniversary Holly and Michael and many many many more. My husband and I just celebrated our 29th year as man and wife.

He's like a warm quilt wrapped around my heart.

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