Friday, November 28, 2008

Fear Not!

I've grown wary of the 24-hour media world in which we live. 24 Hour News was created to provide a snapshot of the headlines, any time we needed it. Or more to the point, whenever we could spare a few seconds in front of the boob-tube.

But, what 24-hour access has spawned is a world of negative sensationalism that is the tool by which we are held hostage- sometimes glued to the television. I can't say for certain what part of the Human psyche it taps into, but I think it's the same part that attracts us to horror movies and thrillers.

Unless you work in the media, one tends to be assume that the goal is to provide information and news. However, every person who works at a news-station knows that their true reason for being is to sell commercial time. Thanks to 24-hour coverage, an entire new industry has emerged. People whose job it is to churn the same bits of information over and over. Make even the most mundane seem major. People who must find stuff to fill an entire day; raise even more capital. How? By making things sensational- not by providing the necessary facts. Get my point, here?

Especially in terms of the horribly disappointing economy, it's really important to keep things in perspective. Test what you're hearing against what you're experiencing. Trust your own world-view more than you trust CNN/NBC/FOX, or whichever alphabets you turn to for information. Regularly tune into some other source to balance your perspective. And, always keep in mind that the real reason they are on the air is to continue being on the air. Giving you unbiased, real information is secondary in the scheme.Let's always be conscious that the media, like all organizations, has an agenda. And, their agenda might run counter to our need to have good information.

Recently, I saw a For Sale sign on a house that proclaimed, "Sold in 11 days. Don't listen to the media!" Very solid advice. We should wonder, are things as terrible as we are being lead to believe? More importantly, if we continue to believe these things, how long do we hold things pinned in a bad spot? If we think we shouldn't spend our money, reasonably live our lives, how long and far will the economy continue to spiral backward?

Fear is the mind-killer. And, what we focus on is what we bring into existence. What we continue to fixate on is what we have the most-of in our lives. I know that we are exposed to too much negativity, apprehension, and FEAR. But, there's good news here- we can, and should, control how badly we allow ourselves to be frightened. It is within our power to control our exposure to negative, scary energy.

Fear is also the reaction to the unknown, the unexpected; it is the immediate response that puts us on alert so we can survive. That's a good thing. But, if allowed to continue, it tips and starts injuring physically, emotionally, mentally. Why? Because surviving is not the same as living. We need to ask, which is it that we want to be doing each day? Simply surviving in a heightened state of anxiety, or working our way to authentically living? I'd suggest that we should be working on living. We need to release fear and begin attracting what is positive and good.

This morning, I am thinking of the Archangel Gabriel and her encounter with the young, very young woman, Mary. Imagine being so young and told that you have been chosen of all the world's women to be the portal of entry into this reality for the Messiah! Who could easily take in a message of that magnitude? Who could not wonder are they mad? Who wouldn't be afraid of an encounter with a celestial messenger?

There are some who'd argue my view of the most important part of the story. For me, the most important part- the part I ponder, is Gabriel. Why this particular angel? And, why is such a major part of the story centered on this angel and what she says?

Spirit specifically chooses Gabriel because of her talent as the great communicator and her most calming demeanor. She is the best messenger to deliver emotionally charged, life-altering information. She is the Celestial Body's- Walter Cronkite, if you will. This Archangel carefully begins her newscast to the young Human. As she materializes in Mary's consciousness, Gabriel communicates first, "Fear not."

Or in other translations, "Hail Mary! Hello Mary- Do not be afraid." Gabriel knows that Mary's mind must be relieved of its instinctual fear and opened so she can process the wonder of what is about to happen. To be made ready for the immense possibility of it all. And, to be reminded that we cannot be afraid and have miracles in our lives.

In my life, I want miracles- not fear. For the same reason I do not watch horror movies, I am now limiting the time I spend in the company of newscasters. And, I constantly remind myself of the need to take all of it with a grain of salt in order to walk away with facts and not nerve-wracking sensationalism.

Fear not! As we move into a sacred season in the year, remember that an aware Human Being walks in the truth; looks for miracles be they large or small; is intrepid, and awaits good things because that is our birth-right. Stay open and willing to push back against fear. Do not believe all that you hear. What is it that your heart tells you? Therein resides the truth. Fear not.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Pam said...

What a wonderful story. Her philosophy about treating the people that frequent the restaurant is spot on and I hope her boss realizes what a gem he/she has in their midst!

Anonymous said...

Let your secret angel's wings lift you outside the realm of the ordinary.

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