Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In The Image & Likeness

I had an interesting experience last night. I can't fully explain it, but it's worth sharing. I met a group of fellow Light Workers; Reiki practitioners all. They've been meeting for several years sharing Reiki and different techniques of working with energy.

Paul, a kind and centered soul who spends his summers in far away lands to experience ancient ways of deepening connection with his Divine Spark, led the group through a meditation. Vipassana, a meditation modality used by monks in Burma, is believed to be a psychic healing technique. It creates the space for you to become passively aware of your complete body. To acknowledge, while not reacting to, any sensations that come along be they pain or bliss. To bring about healing to anything that requires it. It also welcomes in the Divine to pay witness to the totality of you in the moment-lumps, bumps, and all. It's spiritually saying , "Spirit, I am here. Please see me."

As with most meditations, you sit in silence, waiting for something to happen...going on hoping anything might happen...going on wondering how long do we have to sit there...going on, okay, enough I don't want to sit here...going further beginning to unravel...going further unfamiliarly, quietly being...quieter...still. Blessedly, Still.

I have to talk more with Paul, but what I understand is, with Vipassana and other forms of meditation, the practice is to get to our place of internal quiet. The spot of- Least Of, which acts as an amplifier, if you will. Coming from this spot of stillness, all energy work, prayer and light, magnifies and grows much more powerful and brighter. When intention emanates from sacred stillness, it's like throwing on halogen high beams.

Here's the impression I took away: The door bell rings and to my surprise when opening the door, Spirit is standing there! Of course, I invite Her/Him in to sit and have a cup of coffee. Sitting in the silence last night, there were moments when I became internally fidgety and uncomfortable. In my mind, that's the point when both Spirit and I had run out of things to talk about; neither certain where to go next...

Longer into the silence and following my breath, I grew connected to the others as we sat together. Instead of individuals, we became a collective of energetic beings and I felt that shift. In my mind, that's when Spirit and I shifted in our visit from the uncomfortable silence of nothing to say, to the welcomed, relaxed silence of a couple who know each other so completely that they can just 'be.' Words no longer necessary for effective communication with each other. Completely in sync.

Last night got me thinking about my upbringing in Catholic school and learning to recite large portions of the Baltimore Catechism. If you're from the Catholic tradition, you'll be chuckling or groaning in rememberance about now. There's a great deal I no longer keep as part of that experience, but one memorized mystery truly defines how I see things spiritually.

It is imprinted, "I am created in the image and likeness of God." The Image & Likeness. Like most profound things, this one is glossed over and not recognized for its seminal importance.

This doctrine means that if you could look at Spirit and then look at me, you would not see a difference. It doesn't say that Spirit created us to look sorta' clearly says, if you see one you see the other. We are Spirit's Human face.

So, I wonder...if we would accept that miracle...

If we constantly remembered that miracle and owned the power of it...

If we walked in the truth of that fact...acted with each individual we encountered with that awareness...

Would we be living in a different world? A better, happier world? A more loving world?

You are not a separate entity from Spirit; you are not less-than. You are not a creature that was created for Spirit to direct. You are a vital thread of the vast net of Spirit. You are a unique and qualified reflection of Spirit. You are Spirit. You/Spirit- not only connected; You/Spirit-the same as!

Today, I will remember, that I am lovingly created in the image and likeness of God. With each living being, I will remember that I may be the only reflection of Spirit's loving face they may encounter. And, I will act accordingly. What a responsibility! But oh, what a profound honor.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Eileen said...

Okay, so while I took a joy-ride with Charley in his hot new GTO and watched Benji and Lacey dancing on TV and eating leftover pizza you're all enlightened and getting all the more spiritually-flexed than anyone I know!!! I love traveling the path with you and really should try to be more proactive ...,my own spiritual exercise program has been shelved too long.

Holly said...

Spirit lives in the total of our experiences. In those moments you were doing just as much as I did last night!

Eileen said...

Spoken like a truly great Spirit ... you're giving the spirit-world a very good image ... imagine you're still working PR, just that the BIG guy/gal is the BIGGEST!

EW said...

amazing how Catholic school gives you a way of seeing the world that is universal (catholic) without even realizing it. the parochial approach isn't as parochial as we thought...just a unique language and vocabulary. Kind of along the lines of your last post, "are we there yet?", is an old irish saying: "wherever you go, there you are..."

Holly said...

EW! That is fab take on what I wrote here! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

And the Spirit still remains a mystery beyond understanding. I look forward to the moment I stand in his presence.

I've only been a Catholic for the past 3 years, I so loved my mother-in-law that when she died, I converted and my husband and I haven't missed a Sunday since. I look forward to hearing the word of God something that I never fathom in the past.

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