Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No One EVER Told Me This!

I was told a few things about the changes my body would face as I aged. Things like less hair on my legs but more on my face. I'm Italian after all.

And, I was told about the aches and pains my joints would take on as know all the regular stuff. About how my brain might age: I no longer find searching for car keys that are 'hiding' right in front of me amusing.

But, in an effort of full disclosure, no one EVER told me this one...

...about how my eyebrows would just start growing bristles one day!

Wild hairs that are tough as boar bristles and poke out and actually stick my finger when I'm trying to tweeze my eyebrows while wearing high-powered binoculars standing at the x 17 magnifying mirror! Do not mess with me or I'll gore you with my eyebrows!

If you're wondering why I would even post such an ugly thing, go back and re-read the title of my blog...I have an obligation to report this stuff.

Or, am I the only one who is afflicted with this 'boarish' change to my eyebrows?

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Oinkalicious


Sunny said...

Oh my! My sides hurt from laughing! You are not alone...I just invested in a heavy duty pair of tweezers, LOL!
☼ Sunny

Sarah said...

OMG Holly.....ROFLMAO...but only cause I can sooooooo relate...what the heck with all the hair in the wrong places..and disappearing in other..where I want it!
And what is the deal with folks you love not telling you when you have some outrageous hair sticking out and you have missed it..and walked about all day with it screamingly obvious.
Wonderful post hon..thank you for reporting on this one....the picture...yup..Hugs to you hon:)

Cinner said...

Holly I feel your pain, I have had eyebrow trouble since I was 12. My one Grandma had the bushiest one eyebrow that went all across above his eyes, even his nose and when I was 12 I could see little strays coming in, well I decided I was going to have no part of that. no sir. so I shaved in between my eyebrows, but they werent even, needless to say, I soon was a vision of lovliness, now here is the catch.....they to this day have never really grown back. true story all because of my one eyebrow Grandfather....he had one leg to, I am glad I never got anything about that in my head.....thanks for sharing your story. smiles

Micael Chadwick ("Rabbit") said...

Gurrrrlll... I thought it was just me and the meds I am on!!! It's like the Ghost of Walter Matthau has invaded my browerly region. And I have always prided myself on my eyebrows - and NOW??? I don't even know what to do... I am about to resort to plugging in the electric lawnmower - seriously - and letting Black and Decker do it's thing because Tweezerman is failing me in the worst way. It aint cute.

But I guess we can take some comfort in knowing we are not alone? If nothing else we will just go all Pumba stab the cute ones with our newfound Weapons of Brow Destruction...

Maybe I should just let it all grow into a wild, lethal unibrow and pretend I am a rhinoceros.

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

I'm concerned about the opposite problem. I have never plucked my eyebrows in my life - and if my hairdresser didn't dye them, you'd barely know I had any. But I am hoping that what hair I have on my head doesn't migrate to my back or my chin!

June Calender said...

You're so right -- but my eyebrows are going gray -- slower than my hair which has been gray for a while. The problem is they're a bit less visible to others but a LOT less visible to me, I haven't found a magnifying mirror that really works.

Just found your blog and like it a lot. I'll come back.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I yiyi, now THAT'S something to look forward to. Ha! Thanks for the tip. I'll turn on my lighted magnifying mirror and get a closer look at mine.

I'm just back from vacation and catching up. I know you guys have had a brutally hot summer (while we're freezing our butts off) but I hope relief is in sight for a wonderful fall.

Hope everything is good with you. I miss you! xo jj

Eva Gallant said...

I don't have them in my eyebrows, but here and there on my face!!! worse!

Life With Dogs said...

Hair removal is my least favorite aging hassle. I'm trending toward Robin Williams.

I hate the automated thing too, but it's set up to only send a message once. If you get another of the same please yell at me. Hell, you'd like that.

Robyn said...

Oh Holly this is funny.
My eyebrows are behaving themselves but what you describe grows from a mole on my face.... sad but true..
... and it is my little boy who brings my attention to it as I often don't see it.

xx ribbon

TechnoBabe said...

There are probably lots of people who think you are lucky to have eyebrows at all. I for one have not had eyebrows for years, many years in fact. Just a corner of each eyebrow has hair the rest I pencil in. This is like that old thing when we compared hair growing up, I had natural curls, not really curly but some curl and lots of body. I wanted straight hair because it could be maneuvered into different styles. Anyway, your post reminded me I have a magnifying mirror out in the garage, it would help when I pencil in my brows.

Olufunke said...


SO what would you do to the eyebrows?

So many things our parents did not tell us.
Life happens!

Desert Mermaid said...

oh my god, ok, I HAD to comment on this ... I don't have the boar brows, but I am noticing that I'm having to shave more OFTEN, when I thought things in the hair production/follicles area might finally start slowing down. Dammit. Also (and this elicited about 4 million ACKS from me), my pubes are coming in gray. NOBODY told me about THAT, and it never occurred to me. double dammit. Can one use Loreal in the pubic region, I wonder?

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