Monday, June 7, 2010


Why do we Humans use every crisis and tragedy as an opportunity to point the finger at the opposite party? Why do we immediately start shouting blame at others? Why do we waste time, precious time and energy in this ridiculous need to feel feel feel inculpable? To use an accident as a platform to push an agenda? To posture for the cameras?

For the love of all that is holy and for Mother Earth, can't we just accept that sometimes horrible things do happen and begin to use our time, energy, and resources on working together to help remedy the immediate? To work to help those unfortunate who find themselves in the middle of the catastrophe? To grieve those who lost their lives in the tragedy of it all?

Can't we, instead, use our intelligence and efforts to rectify what life throws at us instead of yelling, screaming, wasting precious time, and feeling powerless?

Please. Can't we?

There will be time enough to sit and point after we rescue ourselves from the current situation. But, right this moment....let us concentrate in learning what we need to learn and helping to return our world to its rightful order.

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The Rocky Creek Scotties said...


Eva Gallant said...

So true!

Life With Dogs said...

Very true - but in light of the fact that so little has been done to address the approaching, impending disaster, those responsible need to have their feet held to the fire.

Would that be partial agreement? :)

LionKing said...

A wiser man than I said just this morning, "It's like we're standing in the living room while the house is on fire, and we're arguing about what color to paint the room after the fire is out, and some are saying "What fire...wanna go see a movie"?

Let's deal with the fire and focus, people, focus!

Sarah said...

Great big huge AMEN...the whole thing is just making me ill. I for one cannot figure out why in this day and age noone can seem to find a way to fix this...mindblowing really. Hugs to you hon, Sarah

Robert said...

My father likes to tell the parable of the mechanic, which I think fits this situation. One day a mechanic has a car with a problem and in order to fix the car it needs to be jacked up. So the mechanic grabs his scissor jack and begins to raise the car. At this point a fellow mechanic, who is also good at his job, walks by and says “a scissor jack? No no no, you need to use a floor pump jack”. Just then another mechanic walks by and says “well, both those jacks are good, but a hydro-jack really is the way to go”. Soon the car is surrounded by mechanics holding various types of jacks – all of whom could easily fix the problem with the car if they were not so hung up on which jack to use.
So is the issue BP? Barrack Obama? Conservationists? Big oil? The Coast Guard? The engineers and scientists? It seems to me like we have a lot of smart mechanics getting hung up on which jack to use. Instead of worrying about blame, or being the hero of the day, let’s drop the debating and get to work.

Robyn said...

It's a horrific accident and one that I don't totally understand.

What I do believe is that it is such a shame that we have to make these mistakes over and over again.

We're receiving little news of it here in my corner of the world, but I gather by your post that the debate over who is to blame is holding up the clean up.

I sincerely hope for all of us that it is resolved soon.

love to you Holly
x Robyn

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