Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Belief With No Direction

I absolutely, with all that I am, know the power of prayer. I know that it works. I know this without question.

And yet, there are times, that no matter how much I believe this, I still can't pray. Not because I don't want to, but just because...

...I absolutely do not know what to ask for or how to express my feelings. There is so much that is needed; so much that requires Divine Intervention. My hopes and needs seem precariously perched on the jagged edge of the Abyss of Disappointment.

I am afraid that even a whispered could be enough turbulence to pitch them like leaves over the side.

My feelings are a fog that swirls about me.

I don't know what to ask sitting in silence the answer, then?

Dear God,
I am here... Amen

Namaste' Till Next Time,
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Mark Pemburn said... sitting in silence the answer, then?

I think it is, Hol, I think it is.

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

That is why we have the Holy Spirit - lift our groanings to God.

Sarah said...

Hmmmm...well I guess I would ask for the best possible outcome and breathe..and breathe again hon..Sending hugs your way.
Love you!!

I would loooooove to create some tie dye for the pups...what colors?? Bandanas are one of my favorite things to dye..simple and they turn out so beautiful. Arrrooooo to the pooches!

miss*R said...

did you write this while reading my mind? oh Holly, sometimes, I sit wanting to pray, sit in front of my altar.. but just don't know where to start.. so I don't even begin... someone once said to me that every thought is a prayer... i sure hope so..
and I guess our little map of the Gulf with the heart could be a prayer too?
I love you Holly, from the bottom of my heart xo for saying what I feel xoxo

Joanna Jenkins said...

Maybe praying for patience is the answer?

I know exactly what you are talking about Holly. Hope things workout for you soon.


Hybrid J said...

May I say that the sound of silence (not the song ...) will lead you to where you need to be. Trust that my friend.

And thank you for visiting my blog. It's always a great pleasure to have old friend come for a visit. ;)

Life With Dogs said...

That is a fair question, and one that I cannot answer - I've never tried. Something tells me you already know the answer...

Cinner said...

Sometimes you just don't have to say anything, I hope you found some time to just be silly today. love you.

beth said...

i believe too.....and i need a few prayers myself so i think i'll sit in silence for a hour or so and see what happens....

can i pray and blog at the same ?
is that bad ?

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