Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mr. Toad's Flying Circus

It's pouring buckets here today. One of those nice rain that goes on for hours and makes you stop to look out the windows; getting lost in your mind as you watch it come down. Instead of making the bed, I was standing at the bedroom window just peering out at nothing.

I saw a slight movement. There he sat at the top of the wall just outside my window. Being rained on. Slight move again up to the edge of the wall. "Oh no, Toad, you don't want to do that...come on you can't be that foolish! It's an eight foot drop onto the rocks below. Please, don't!"

Whew...he stopped.

He sat there rain plinking on his head; I sat watching. Then, LEAP! Oh My God, he threw himself over the side! I couldn't look. But then I just had to, because what the hell could he have been thinking?!???!

Slowly I opened my eyes...and there he was splayed out; not moving. Damn. I so did not need to see a toad commit suicide. Sigh. Now I have dead toad on my water fall. A big dead toad...yuk!

But then, a slight movement. And he sat up. Sat unmoving for the longest time. Then HOP! Off the rocks stopping to snap up a bug foolish enough to be in his path. He trundled off to take refuge under a hosta leaf umbrella.

Amazing. I would not have bet money on that outcome!

It brings to mind a parable I haven't thought of for years. A man is hanging on a cliff's edge, his fingers painfully latching on for dear life. He feels as though he's been there forever and is beginning to realize that he hasn't got a chance. He begins to pray.

Praying harder than he has in his entire life. God answers him, "Let go!"

The man says, "I'm not going to let go, you must be crazy. I pray to you for help and you tell me to let go?! What sort of God would say such a thing? If I let go I'll surely perish!"

"Let go," commands God once more.

The man refuses again, but his fingers which can't hold on anymore are beginning to let go one by one as the minutes pass. The man is in agony. More afraid than he has ever been.

Once more- loudly now, God shouts, "LET GO!"

Realizing there is no hope, the man finally says, "As you will it," and lets go beginning his plummet to the rocks below. Just when he closes his eyes and accepts his fate, he feels wind beneath him lifting him up, up, up!

Powered by his beautiful wings he never knew he had!

Whatever you're clinging onto that is causing you pain, that you're too afraid to let go of because you think the devil you know is better than the devil you don't...LET GO! Believe that what is ahead of you will be better than what you let go of. Trust that you have wings and the power to soar ahead.

Thanks Mr. Toad. You reminded me of a very important lesson and I won't forget your foolish flying feat of bravery any time soon. Your flying leap of faith.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Has Been Reminded To Let GO!


Cinner said...

What a nice reminder Holly. I would have been fretting about the toad too. but yes hopefully we can all fly, be well.

Lis said...

Oh, I love this happy outcome for Mr. Toad. And don't some of our leaps feel like a deadly drop? Only to find ourselves still here, still intact and in fact stronger from the experience. I love this: "Believe that what is ahead of you will be better than what you let go of." So wise, so true!

Thank you for leaping into my path this glorious day :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful post hon...and so true..sometimes ya just got to step out there and trust.
Don't ya just love those lovely wings!!
Glad the toad was ok!!!
Hugs hon, Sarah

Eva Gallant said...

Good for the toad! For me, I'm not so sure! lol

clairedulalune said...

Lovely post Holly and most true!Mr toad sure can fly!I really enjoyed reading this!

Joanna Jenkins said...

" I so did not need to see a toad commit suicide...." Love how you ended this one Holly! Nice job.
xo jj

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Thanks so much Holly for reminding me of the importance of "Letting Go" and trusting in the outcome.

Robyn said...

Sweet words Holly :)

I hope you are well and in a place where your heart can sing.

be well
love to you

ps... if time allows pop over to see what cheeky monkey business I have been up to.
I think it will make you grin from ear to ear x

Marisa said...

Thanks for sharing this story with us and the reminder that sometimes you just have to let go!

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