Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Silent Killer

Some life lessons are easier than others. Learning to manage and handle disappointment has been a true test of my willingness to grow and expand my spiritual side. The biggest stumbling block...the largest road block. The most consistent reminder that no matter how far I think I've grown, I'm still not where I need to be... yet. The emotion that sneaks up on me and sits in my stomach and freezes there. Smirks as it moves back in and sits right down and makes itself at home. Again.

This morning, I came to an ah-ha.... You're likely to say, "Duh!" Maybe most of you realized this about disappointment much sooner than I have, but I'll share it anyway.

Feeling disappointment turns out not to be the problem. CONTINUING to feel disappointment is the problem. That's what sucks all the emotional energy out of you and keeps you from moving on.

Once you realize that disappointment, like all other emotions, is transient and will move or change well, it looses its claw-like hold.

Disappointment doesn't have magic Velcro voo-doo. It has no more hold and sticking power than any other feeling. We just seem to hold onto it way longer than we should. We make it become a fixed variable in our lives. I don't know why exactly. But, I think it's because we don't realize that we do it...and it's so silent and insidious, we don't realize we've given it permanent residence in our world view.

If you're constantly disappointed? That's you doing that...not disappointment having magic powers over your life.

Put it out on the curb with the rest of the trash. PUT IT DOWN! Just leave it and move on. You'll see it again...all emotions cycle through our lives....just don't let it live in your space with you.

Stop saying with each new experience, "Well, here I am again; disappointed once more." Stop comparing each new thing with past experiences like it's a foregone conclusion! Instead, deepen your magick by asking, "Okay, that didn't go as I hoped, so what's the lesson in this for me? What could I have done or should have done differently?"

When you start asking good questions, you start getting better answers and the power over constant disappointment is in asking those questions and cataloging the answers! You want power over disappointment? Start using it as a learning platform, not a definer of your life.

See it moving through you and out of you...let it it move on and just have to let it move on and take what you know from what it brought with the experience.

As Glynda the Good Witch says, "Be gone, be gone. You have no power here!"

I'll see you again disappointment, but you can't live here anymore.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Has Been Disappointed AND Lived


Eileen said...

And if we lived a life without the "teacher" disappointment, I think we'd lose the keen sense of experiencing the highs of joyous moments! Good blog Holly ... now keep those nasty disappointments in their proper place!

Eva Gallant said...

Excellent advice here! Glad you wrote this post. Many may find it helpful.

Peaches said...

I needed that...

Joanna Jenkins said...

If you and Glynda say it, it must be true!

"Be gone, be gone. You have no power here!"

I'll be chanting this A LOT! Thanks a million for the wise advice.


Robyn said...

Well said Holly

I hope you are well and that disappointment doesn't try to linger in your heart.

xx Robyn

JustJenn said...

Wonderful words! It is far too often that we let disappoint take hold of us, and ruin so much of what makes life so joyus!

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