Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Those Eyes

Here's our Livy.  I haven't posted about her in awhile.  Laura took this pic on the fly.  Like a lot of great images, the ones you catch without thinking turn out to be the ones that reveal the most.

Michael commented, "Those are some deep eyes; old soul eyes."  I had been thinking the very same thing when he said it.  I sometimes think Livy is a very complex spirit and then there are other times when she is making Ava squee with delight or dancing around in her princess dress with her plastic shoes that I realize she's no different than any other three year old.  No different than any other Human Being.

I think all of us are more complex or more simple one minute to the next.  But one thing we remain always, is a unique thread of Spirit.

On a whim, Laura submitted this photo to a contest at an area children's boutique and Livy is one of the 12 children selected to be part of their upcoming catalog and advertising campaign.  They took part in a photo shoot at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  It sounds like it was a very interesting adventure for Mom and Daughter.

I can't wait to see Livy in prime time.  But one thing I matter how famous, or not, our Olivia is in her life she, just as Ava is also, a family star.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly  aka Great Aunt Holly


Debra She Who Seeks said...

She's darling!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

She's beautiful--and definitely growing up!

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

Hi Holly,
Haven't talked to you in a long while...haven't blogged in a while either but when I saw this gorgeous photo of Livy I had to drop a comment. You are right, she does have "old soul eyes!" You must be so proud of her...fame or not.

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh she is so beautiful!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a perfect picture of your sweet girl, Livy. She's gorgeous and I hope you will be able to share her photo shoot pics with us too.

I think all of us have "family stars" that brighten our lives so very much. It's easy to see why Livy and Ava sparkle for you. They're as beautiful as their mother.

xoxo jj

Desert Mermaid said...

she's so lovely ... and yes, I see what you mean with her eyes ... made me consider Davian -- his eyes are always laughing, even when he's fit-a-fying or crying. hmmm.

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