Monday, April 12, 2010

Well, The Cat's Outta The Bag Now...

They say that change is a good thing. Who the hell are they anyway? What do they know about me really? But, I digress. Let's just go with the notion that change is good for us Humans. You all know by now how much I struggle with it. I'm just not one of those who has an easy time flipping off to new things. Change is foisted upon me most likely because I resist it so long that it's the only way it can happen.

So here I am again. Staring down the barrel of major change. There's a sign on the lawn that proves it's here. No more laying low and letting you wonder what's going on with me and where the hell have I been? That's over. The cat is out of the bag; the sign clearly states, "For Sale By Owner."

Yes, we're moving. Someplace. To be determined. My fabulous red kitchen will be turned over to another. My home that was built just five short years ago will be the address of someone new.

And, there-in lies my drama and sleepless nights. Had we known we were going to sell a house like this one in five years, would we have done it the same? Would we have invested so much money into completing it down to the last detail? Hard to say. But, we always did our improvements or up-grades with our eyes toward the future. We did it for the purposes of re-sale. It's just that we didn't think we'd be attempting to sell it so soon.

Can anyone say, 'equity build up?' Can you pronounce, 'Selling a home in a down market?' Can you say out loud, 'Umm, do you think we'll re-cop enough to rebuild where we're going?' If not, then what?! How am I supposed to know if I'm going to be more employable than I was here so that we can determine what we can afford?! I'd like to think I will be, but crap, I never thought the job market would have been the way it was for me the entire time we were here in Western PA! Who would have ever thought that?!

Can you say, working for weeks to make sure that every closet, every drawer, ever nook and every space is spot on cleaned out and organized? Can you say, making sure that the rugs are constantly vacuumed, the dust can't be written in, the dog toys stowed away?

Can you consider living like a guest in your very own home?! Good god, what a trial.

Can you say, 'Look through your home and remove most of the personalization from it? Pictures, brick-a-brack, treasures...STUFF!'

Can you relate to me hating HGTV now as I posted earlier because they've turned us into a nation of people who think that only two things are required of them as the buyers:
a.) write the check
b.) put shoes under the bed that first night as though you have minion to do all your bidding...

Thanks HGTV, because of you, we have no notions of wanting to do anything to a home for ourselves...we don't want to work to make it ours. Nope, that is all supposed to be done in advance of the sale. Yep. YOU, the homeowner, are to do all the heavy lifting. Yeah...well, I've done so much of that over the last bunch of weeks that I have blown out my knees and my arms so that I'm in constant discomfort.

And still the work to do is a mountain in front of me.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day...let me say it again...ENTIRE day crafting a web page for our house sale. Did I tell you that technology and I are not such good friends? I did? Okay, well let's not go over the same ground again.

But, it's done. Yeah, a web page for selling the house is done. (I've started calling it The house, not Our house. The psychology of that has helped me in the de-personalization process.) Now I just have to wait for weeks to get the web address in the the search engines of Goggle, Yahoo, that when you go searching for....Houses for sale by owner 15601, or western PA, or whatever crazy way you'd search, this address comes up for your consideration.

So, do me a favor, and take a look at it and let me know what you think. If I left necessary stuff out, would you tell me? If it looks good, give me an atta' girl... If you know someone who's looking in the area, by all means tell them!

Yeah...we're moving. That's as much as I know for sure now. The rest is just a murky abyss of unknown.

Oh, I just lied...there is something else I know for sure. If you want to be nebbie an come look through my house? There's not a drawer you can pull open that would embarrass me. Not one. Not even the utensil drawer in the kitchen.

So take that. For sale by owner indeed! Wish us more luck than you ever dreamed was possible to wish.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Faces More Questions Than Answers


Pyroclasm Jones said...

My ear and my heart are open to you always, my friend.

Heather said...

The site, and house, look great. Fabulous red kitchen, indeed!

I hope this change, however unplanned or unexpected, leads you someplace wonderful.

Sarah said...

Oh hon...I wish I was there to help ya do all the "stuff"! Ackkkk! I understand the moving thing..hate it I do! Am sending energy your way. Here is to finding wonderful new things in the changes to come hon..that wonderful new spot to create a new red kitchen and stunning gardens you are so good at! To that job that I know is just waiting for you where you are going!!
Hugs and love hon, Sarah

PS..ya know I am here if ya need me!

beth said...

oh you just gave me goose bumps....
we moved 13 times in 21 years and i have lived like a guest in my house more times than i'd like to remember....

but would i do it again ?
hell yes....i love a challenge !

the best of luck on that murky abyss of the unknown.

Sunny said...

Your house website looks great, very nicely done.
I really know what you are going through having recently moved myself.
It sounds like your life will not be boring, for sure!
Sunny :)

Anonymous said...

May you find a buyer very soon and may they love your home just as much as you do.

Diva Kreszl said...

the house site is just beautiful! I can certainly understand why you would hate to leave when you have poured so much of yourself into it. perhaps this is meant to be and your 'assignment' was to create this lovely home for a new family. This will undoubtedly open up some new adventures in your life, try to embrace the possibilities :)

cinner said...

Holly, I wish I could come and help you too. You will definately have new doors opened to you and whereever you go it will be home. new homes, new beginnings, new changes, and that job may be right there. All my best. Hugs to you. I have missed you.

Desert Mermaid said...

hey luv ... when I go to that website, I get your Reiki ad. I wanna see your house! waaahhh! I'm very bummed about my (ok, your) red kitchen. And now I feel stoopid cuz I ordered you a wee sooprise, not remembering in the moment that you are packing and do NOT need any more collectibles at this juncture. shite.

Suzie said...

Oh Holly, I wish that I could be there to help you with whatever else needs to be done! I know how stressful moving can be when you know all of the details, but now you are in limbo mode, and to me, that is the greatest challenge, to relax and let things happen in their own time.
Your website looks wonderful, and you've covered the basics. Enough to entice, without being overwhelming. And your home looks absolutely lovely in your photos. Again, enough to want to see more! (and I do love your reflection in the window of photo #17!)
I have a feeling that great adventures await you, giving you a chance to let your talents expand and grow! And as for your kitchen. .this one is the prototype. Repeat the features you like, and improve on the ones that you have said, "I wish that I had. . "
Sending you energies that someone finds your home irrresistable, very quickly, and that your doors will open for you at the same time!
Hugs & love!

Alison said...

I can't seem to bring up the website, but never mind. I know how you must be feeling, but I assure you that because of the kind of person that you are, it will work out well. Trust me! Right now, living in a state of limbo will be awful, but then there will be the challenge of moving on and you will be terrific! (Incidentally, I'm on holiday for the rest of this week if you need a hand! :-))

gayle said...

Your house is beautiful!! You have done an awesome job on your web site!!!

Sara said...

Holly... you will be in my thoughts during this time of change. I am seeing good things for you. *hugs*

Your website looks great... and your home is so lovely.

Robyn said...

Dear beautiful Holly
thank you for taking the time to share with us. I'm pleased that moving house is the worst of it and that you are not ill or in any danger.

I too have lived like a guest on more than one occasion... actually most of my living years and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

take care and I wish I could be more of a help than just words.
I'm on your side and will send some big love your way... I just need to work out what direction that is from here ;)

xoxoxo Robyn

Kyddryn said...

Oh, Mizz Holly, I am wishing you the best in this! I can't get my old laptop to bring up your site, but as soon as I can I will commandeer the desktop machine and have a look.

Shade and Sweetwater,

joyce said...

I am so sorry you have to leave the home (house) you worked so hard on to make it yours. I do wish you success, qucik success, because the stress of keeping your house as a showroom constantly really sucks. Best of luck coping with it all. And remember, we love you!

Tessa said...

Oh Holly. I know it's no comfort to say that I know precisely and deeply how you are feeling - we sold our home (of five years!) last year. I send the warmest of warm wishes that all goes smoothly and relatively painlessly. Yours is a truly beautiful house, and it looks suffused with love and tender care.

PS. We also sold during a tumbling market, but the right people at the right time came along and fell in love with South Down....just as we did with our little Red House here in Norfolk - so it worked okay for us. I will rub Buddha's tummy every single day for you and pray that things go well with this sale.

The Fragrant Muse said...

Oh I understand how you have been CONSUMED with this business. You will get through it my sweet, you really will. My neighbor put her house on the market recently and it sold in 3 days! Visualize the person right now wanting a home and yours will be perfect!

The house is gorgeous. Now I have to ask, how did you make the website so quickly? It's great!

Don't forget to add aroma to the home to entice your buyers...

Life With Dogs said...

You did a great job Holly. I don't think you'll end up stranded with a lovely home like this. You know I've been pulling for since long before you officially let the cat out. :)

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Holly, my heart aches for you and the unknown. You are in my prayers and I hope the future holds unlimited possibilities of wonderful things to come.

For you & technology to not be friends, you did an EXCELLENT job on the website. It's clean, professional, and easy to navigate. Have you considered a job in IT? :) Freelance as a web could do it!

We built out house 5 years ago too and put what we did into it for the long term...our long term with the home. That continues to be our plan even in this economy. I can empathize with the pain you feel now.

Know that I am sending positive energy your way. ((( hugs )))

Kelli Davis said...

A friend of mine has used this flat fee MLS listing company, and a buyer found her home online on one of the hundreds of MLS-fed sites. Since so many buyers (not to mention buyer's agents looking on the MLS) look online, this might be a good solution for you. Good luck!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Smooth move thoughts for you. :)

While reading your post I turned to the closest drawer and looked. ;) Not bad, but could do with some work.

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Best of luck - if it's your time, it will happen.


Big Pissy said...

Oh, Holly! What an absolutely beautiful home you've created. I'm so, so sorry you're having to leave it. :(

If it's any consolation: the website looks great.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Holly, I'm just back in town and was thrilled to see you posted... then I read the news. I know how much you love your gorgeous home and all the TLC you've put into it. I'm sorry you need to move but I'm praying the move will prove to be even better than this one-- perhaps closer to Baltimore?????

Your website is FABULOUS and so inviting. I hope it has potential home owners lined up around the block.

Hang in there my friend. I hope all those clean drawers pays off and your plans are formulated soon so you can point yourself and your very creative home decorating skills into a new and happy direction.


Alix said...

Darling One! How exciting. Exhausting too, yes... no doubt about it, but an exciting new adventure of which you are on the cusp.

Did I ever tell you that before I became a lady of liesure, I was the Marketing Specialist for Coldwell Banker, Sawgrass office in Ponte Vedra Beach? Honey, I know how to market real estate.

So I'm off to go through your website with a fine tooth comb and will forward my comments to you via email.

Chin up Queen of the Universe! This ain't nuthing you can't handle.


PS: And yes, your silver inspired my new silver!

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

Thank you for sharing your home with us. You did and amazing job with it...I love the shows you're not an all shades of white person...your personality really shows through. It must be really heartbreaking to leave it behind. All the best to you and your family, where ever the road takes you.

Karen D said...

I think you did a great job on the website, your home looks so well kept and homey. Wishing you much joy and love wherever you may find yourselves.

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