Friday, February 12, 2010

Wish You Were Here...

So, pay close attention to that snow shovel....see it? Yeah....that thing stuck to it?

That's not a bit of rubbish clinging there....but I'll get back to that in a minute. The other day, against all the best efforts of the snow gods , Michael and I got out of the house for a bit. We went to lunch at one of our favorite Asian Buffets before the next round of snow came barrelling our way. Nice to get out for awhile. But, as the snow starting falling in earnest once again, we dashed back home for the next round of fun with the shovel, broom, and snow blower.

It snowed another foot that night. Lake Effect Snows added about three more inches last night...

And, Fiona is awfully glad we make the effort to stay ahead of the precipitation waves, for the snow is well and truly over the Scotties' heads at this point. Hell, three feet is over my head when I feel like dropping over outside from the shear weight of it all.

The volume of snow has distorted all sense of reality. You can't tell how tall is tall anymore, or how short is short. I just know that this stub....

...just a few weeks ago was my lamp post.

And, this Christmas train garden used to be my neighborhood...

Still, it does have a certain austere beauty. Except that some of our neighbors are having leaks in our relatively new ceilings. Because the water can't find a way off the roofs before the next blanket of white traps it!

Beware of ice daggers. And, I'm not kidding about that. They make a ferocious noise when they let go! Just hoping they don't take the gutters along with them.

Those brambles? Yeah, not; that was a Japanese maple till this started, and that detached head was a garden angel. Now...not so much. Dan Fogelberg made an album years ago entitled, Captured Angel. Wonder if that's what he had in mind?

Merv The Griffin is still doing his very best to guard our front door, even though nothing is moving and everything,including him, is frozen in place. Still, a griffin can't be too careful.

When I say it's a lot of snow, I'm not kidding....look at how small Rory looks in the world gone white and silent.

While wee Fiona says, "I've had enough and I want inside again immediately! My feeties are freezing!!" No vole hunting for her today.

So back to that snow shovel... on the picture if you can't read what that slip of paper says. That was Michael's fortune from his lunch. Are you serious? What the hell sort of fortune is that? Really? Are you freakin' kidding me???

Let me repeat it for you because a fortune like that can't be underestimated.

Yeah...Wish you were here.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka The Ice Queen of The Universe


Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

I love fortune cookies. I was in the hospital for a heart thingy about 10 years ago and after a bit of a fiasco involving defibrillation and panic. I now stand/blog before you alive and well. Right after being discharged I really wanted some chinese food. So, my lovely sister took me over to our favorite place and I ate to my hearts content. We rounded the meal with a fortune cookie and mine said "live for today you may die tomorrow". Water has never flown from my nose so forcefully. Who writes these things really?

Eva Gallant said...

That is a strange fortune for the weather you're having.

cinner said...

Oh my, that is a lot of snow dear friend. and yes Rory and Fiona both look like are teeny tiny dogs. It seems like the last couple of days, the sun has actually been shining. We have not had a dump of snow for awhile, but I can relate to too much snow shovelling. Have a happy valentines day. hugs to you. My younger sister once had a fortune that said, help,help I am trapped in the cookie company below. We had a good laugh over that one. lol. Take care.

Mark Pemburn said...

LOL, Hol! :-)

But, you know, the weather is wonderful! Any day you're alive to experience weather, what ever it may be, is a darned good day. Thanks be to the Gods!

Yer pal,

P.S. About 3 ft. have fallen here at Faere Wood in the last week. Belisama loves it.

Joanna Jenkins said...

That was one whacked fortune cookie!!!! It must have been destined for the Bahamas instead of PA.

I yiyi, that's a heck of a lot of snow Holly--The light post photo was really telling.

I am sending hugs and a virtual massage for what must be your aching back after all the shoveling and sweeping.

Hope you and the pups have warmed up! Stay safe in that stuff.


Brenda said...

Hubs shovels a long path out the back door for Ladybug and she just has to continue bounding yards and yards past the end of the path. Always an adventure.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I have to agree - until the wind blows that is - the weather is wonderful!!


beth said...

it's better than the mudslides in california....right ?

that's how I always have to look at or I'd be in a room with white padded walls.....

Sarah said...

LMAO's all your perspective..LOL.
Wow that is some serious all got what we had last year. This year nothing..not a bit of snow! Love all of the pictures..but am guessing you are feeling like we did about this time ready for spring already!!
Hugs to you and the pooches!! Love, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Your area looks like Baltimore and can you believe it, we had snow yesterday, this morning and I think, this weekend.....SHOW ME SOON GREEN!

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