Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Many Happy Returns of This Day

Today is the feast of the Epiphany in the Christian calender; the day that marks the ultimate destination of three wise men who journeyed for months, perhaps years, following a new star in the heavens. Following it only on a hunch...not facts.

They followed through days not really knowing what they would find; who would be there at the end of the journey; how it would look. They simply set their eyes on the heavens and progressed step by step toward it.

I have always loved this story for the courage of conviction that it suggests. I love it more for knowing that we must often travel guided only by faith and hope. Most of all, I love the story because it teaches that many times, blind faith and willingness to follow a dream can pay off in huge ways you could not predict.

Happy Little Christmas to all of us! Let's walk through 2010 with hope and trust in the road ahead.

But, as much as I've always loved January 6, since I am Italian and growing up we celebrated it with a special meal and cookies the day means so very, very, very much more.

For today is the birthday of our beloved Olivia who turns one whole year! And, I look at this picture to see her standing under her own power and holding onto little treasures so securely. But, mostly I look at that smile and know what it means when a child abides in an atmosphere of joy, love, and affection.

I look at that picture and think back on the long, often difficult journey, Laura and Eric traveled to become pregnant and how they had to hold tight to their hopes and dreams when faced with set-backs and disappointments.

They held onto their hopes, fixed their eyes on the heavens and kept walking forward. To find Olivia at the end of their hard journey. To find that their Epiphany, their Little Christmas, is wrapped in a smile on a divine angel's face.

Happy Birthday dearest Olivia Grace! My Littlest Girl, I wish you many, many happy returns of your day.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Great Aunt Holly


clairedulalune said...

Happy Birthday sweet Olivia! 1 Year old eh? Isn't she growing up quick? Getting more beautiful with every picture i see too! Lovely birthday tribute Holly!

Suzie said...

What a VERY Happy Day! I think that it is very significant that Olivia was born on this date! A special date for a special little girl who is obviously a very happy child.

I'm sure that I'm not the first to mention it, but in every photo that I've seen of her, I can't helpt but notice a strong family resemblance. And I have a feeling that as she is able to express herself more, you're going to find that the similarities are more than skin deep.

She has already made the world a better place, just by adding the joy of her birth, and spreading smiles wherever she goes. With her growth, her circle of goodness is going to expand, touching people's hearts whenever they touch paths.

Blessings on your whole family!

Genie Sea said...

Happy Birthday to our cutie, Olivia! May her days be filled with light, her steps with glee, her nights with magical stories, her life with health and love. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

I love seeing Olivia's age photos-- The sign indicating the number of months old-- and now a full year! That went by fast. It only seems right that she'd be holding her sign and standing on her her own.

She's growing into a lovely girl who, I have no doubt, is THE sweetest baby EVER!!!!

Happy Birhday Olivia Grace!

Sarah said...

Oh my has it been a year!! I just love that picture..what a darling sweet face!! Looove her!! Happy Birthday to sweet Olivia!! Hugs to you hon, Sarah

Big Pissy said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!! I so enjoy seeing the age photos with the sign. :)

Olivia ALWAYS looks to happy...with a sparkle in her eye. Happy, happy baby girl.

I'm so happy to hear that her parents were blessed with her after a hard journey. My own daughter and son-in-law are going through such a journey now. I hope they have an "outcome" as wonderful as your Olivia.

hugs to you and the sweet Olivia!


Ribbon said...

Italian! I didn't know that... me too ~ well my Mother is/was.

1 year old is a very special milestone. Happy Birthday Olivia and congratulations to your family too.

best wishes

PS... word verificaton today

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday to little Olivia! She's an absolute doll! Oh, that smile... You must be as ridiculously in love with her as I am with my first grandson. Who knew?? Happy Epiphany day, Holly!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Bueno Dia birthay [urm, sorry parlez pas Italian], Olivia!!!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

A special happy birthday, Olivia! Your beauty is, in itself, an epiphany of the God who gave you as gift!

beth said...

today is my little sister's birthday, too....

my b-i-l surprised her by flying our older sister here as a surprise....

so much fun !!

ps...she's still a cutie pie that olivia !!

Kyddryn said...

Happy birthday, little miss - and many happy returns!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Alix said...

That child is most definitely divine. Oh so divine. Happiest first birthday daring Oliva. And many many many more - each more filled with love and wonder than the one before!

I love your perspective on Epiphany. It really is kind of a big deal when you think about it. I even love the translation. Epiphany. A moment of sudden revelation.

Now, just a quick aside... Your comment at Casa Hice the other day... so sweet and generous. I know you are striving to hit some goals that have been eluding you a bit. Is there anything - anything at all I can do to help or encourage you? I'm here if you need me. Email, call, comment...

Love you Holly!

PS: Funny word verification today: "discro." As in "discro druck."

gayle said...

Oh I love this post!! Why with my Catholic upbringing does this NOT sound familuar..I know I have strayed but still Thank you!!

I love little Olivia's cute picture and beautiful middle name.

Excuse the spelling ..part is I can't spell and part is my fingers..something is going wrong

Life With Dogs said...

Precious pic - I'm sure she'll treasure it when she is old enough to comprehend...

Happy B-day little Olivia. :)

miss*R said...

ahh another little Capricorn!! a very very happy birthday to a sweet little girl xo

(I am just catching up on blogs after being away seeing my son.. thanks so much for your comment and also your healing energy for our situation xo)

Alix said...

Okay... out with it! You've peaked my curiosity.... Which chicken stock/broth rated highest in Cook's Illustrated? Those consumer comparisons are so fickle. Kitchen Basics was highly recommended in one I saw - and it has a price tag to match. I always used to use Swanson then switched. Which in your opinion is the best?

I stopped getting that publication. Not very diet friendly... but I miss it and the awesome tips and tricks!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to an adorable little girl who brings so much joy to the world around her.

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