Saturday, May 9, 2009

On Vacation- Leave A Message

For those of you who don't know, this Hubby of mine is one of the hardest working men I know. He is a Funeral Director. He also has an insurance license as he is a specialist in the important world of advance funeral planning. He's the guy who works with families and individuals smart enough to take care of their plans so their loved ones aren't burdened during a very emotional time. It is sensitive and good work he does. I'm very proud of him.

The past couple of years, he's worked so hard that he's written over a million dollars in business each year! A million dollars!! And, that's made him part of the top per cent of agents in the country who do this work. Even better this past year, he may be the number one guy in the country! Or, perhaps, number 2. Either position is quite an amazing accomplishment.

As a way to thank the agents for their continued effort to keep the company strong and viable, they're taken on an annual trip. It's a way of acknowledging the yeoman effort. And, a bit of business is also conducted. I get to come with. It's our vacation. Because My Beloved is self-employed, and I'm not at all employed, (annoying!) it's the only vacation we get, so we're very grateful. Very grateful.

Sunday we fly to Puerto Rico, where we embark on a new adventure for us. We set sail on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of The Seas. Michael has cruised several times and loves it. Even so, he's never been on a boat this size. It can hold about 3,000 passengers! I've only cruised once and I really didn't love it. So, there's a bit of trepidation on my part. However, Michael? He's really stoked!

We set sail to Barbados to spend the week sailing to various islands. I'm thinking this could be really, really interesting. We'll do things I've not done before, like snorkeling. One time we'll visit with the turtles. On another island I'll be swimming with the rays. (Note To Self: Try not to think of the Crocodile Hunter, I'm sure our rays will be much better behaved...) I know I'm going to have my heart skip a beat more than once over some exquisite sites.

One that I'm really looking forward to is a visit to a butterfly farm! I can't wait to see what that's like. (Who knew butterflies could farm?)

Now, I can't promise that I and my new red camera will capture anything near as beautiful as this image I found long ago, but I promise I'll do my best. And, if I get anything worth sharing, you know I'll do it here.

So, I will be gone a week and I'll miss talking with you. I was thinking...when we start blogging, it's like we drop out of the sky into the stream of another blogger's life. We know them from that first site visit and move forward with them. But there's a whole slew of stuff they wrote prior to our meeting up; they actually had lives before we found them. Imagine!

And, I wonder how many of us ever take the time to go riffling through back postings to see what is waiting that we'd find fascinating. I know I go looking at the older stuff and I'm glad that I do because there's generally a great back story going on. So, that's what I'd like to invite you to do while I'm away. How about, if it turns out you are missing the QoftheU, you go back and look at my other stuff. Leave me a comment, or let me know if you find anything that really pleases you.

I'd blog while cruising, but when I found out how expensive it is to buy Internet time, I started to think, "Holy Crow, I don't have any thought worth writing for those prices!! And hell, I've been going at this pretty much non-stop since I started Your Mother Knows last October." Perhaps it's time for me to take a bit of time off. What do you think? Will you all still be here when I get back? (If a blogger wanders off for a week and there's no one reading her blog, does she cease to exist?)

You and I both know that my favorite color is purple. But, I have to admit, that with what I'll be seeing, the myriad of blues in the world are going to more than capture my fancy and esteem. And, I'll be holding you all close while I'm experiencing them! I can't wait to share it all when I come home. Ciao!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka The World Traveler


Alison said...

Have a wonderful time!! I have travelled lots but have never been on a cruise. I will be interested to hear all about it! We will all be fine and you mustn't worry about us! Lol.

sema said...

Dear holly,
relax and enjoy yourself.Make wonderful memories to come back and share with us.
My wishes to your husband too to enjoy his much deserved holidays.

Mel said...

Dearest Holly,

Have a most wonderful and relaxing and inspirational trip....I've not cruised myself either, and it doesn't really appeal to me...but those butterflies and ocean views? That's another story!!!

And I shall certainly wander back through the Q of the U archives...starting with your horsey relly.....

~blessings on your journey~

Genie Sea said...

Oh! Have a splendid trip and a relaxing vacation. Blogging? Pshaw. It can wait!

I look forward to seeing your photos! I will catch up on older posts when I get a chance too :)

YAY! :)

Helpful Buckeye said...

Getting away from blog writing is always a relief of sorts. Once you're in the habit of doing the writing, you don't easily realize the time commitment you've made. My blog only comes out once a week and I appreciate the occasional break from the pattern. Your blog, being a daily creation, takes some time to put together. You'll come back refreshed in more ways than one!
Enjoy the Caribbean! Catch you later!

Eileen said...

Holly ... I am stoked for both of you. First of all, a BIG congratulations to Michael for his wonderful work and amazing accomplishments. The work requires someone with a sensitive soul and he has shown he's found his niche!

Have a wonderful week away. I'm going to email you in a minute some pictures from my niece's recent "swim with the rays" ... breathtaking stuff that'll help get you excited.

You know how much I love that butterfly shot which you had so generously shared with me so long ago. And I am hoping you'll feel the same spiritual connection as I do when I am among the butterflies. Say hello to CDM for me because I know he'll be fluttering all about you and if you're lucky, he'll sit on you for a spell!

I am sure that we'll all be right here waiting for you upon your return ... in fact many will do just as you suggested and read some of your past wisdom and they'll have become even bigger fans. You work hard too and deserve this time away to refresh your soul so enjoy! Love you.

Big Pissy said...

What an accomplishment on your husband's part! Congrats to him! :)

Have a wonderful, relaxing time on your vacation. It all sounds amazing. :)

Opie said...

Have a fantastic time enjoy your time off and congratulations Mike!!! You know I'll be here when you return. Just a thought...if you take pictures of the blue ocean through a red camera do the photos come out purple?

Holly said...

Opie! I can only hope! Love you!

jkc said...

Have a wonderful time and soak up all the sunshine we have been missing here. Congratulations, Michael, from both of us! Wow...that is an amazing accomplishment and we had no idea you could be #1 salesman. We always knew you were #1 husband and #1 neighbor. Holly, bring back lots of pictures to share over a glass of wine.

Kavindra said...

Have a lovely time enjoying all those blues.
Congrats to your husband too - so he is the king to your queen after all!
I have a feeling everyone will be here waiting when you get back - if nothing else we wanna see those butterfly photos :)

I'm Grace said...

Have a wonderful vacation. I have never been on a cruise but my sister and her husband swear by them. They call them big floating resorts and the best part is you never have to drive anywhere after your evening out. Will be looking forward to your photos and posts when you get back. Relax and enjoy!

beth said...

we'll be waiting for your safe return...and I know the photos will be fabulous and the words and stories even better !!!

JOYCE said...

I think you're going to have a great time...soaking up the rays (not the stingrays) Enjoy yourself, it warms my heart to hear how proud you are of your hubby. And yes, I will look at some back postings. Would you send me a postcard? I collect them, and the stamps as well.(Box 235 Lone Butte, BC V0K 1X0)

Mike said...

I could use a vacation just about now myself. Make sure you take the time to get in some good relaxation.

Sorry to hear you won't have internet though. I'm really going to miss your comments on my blog!


Ribbon said...

Hi Holly... I'm here late and whilst I'm typing you're most likely swimming with a creature of sorts or sipping something lovely on the deck.

Enjoy.... life away from blogging is what makes a blog colourful.

See ya when you get back.

best wishes

Joanna Jenkins said...

ENJOY! I hope your trip is fabulous! I can't wait to hear about the butterflies-- and of course-- the food-- Cruise ships usually have great food!

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