Friday, February 20, 2009

Moments of Truth

I woke up this morning and checked my iPhone to make sure it's good to go. Just as I do most nights, I left it plugged into the computer to sync and charge. Not that I have to worry much about my phone being charged; my cell rings so infrequently that it actually startles me when it does jangle for attention.

The battery, last night, showed critically low. I had that ominous doom screen that shows a blank battery except for the blood red bar left at the very bottom. Death eminent. So, what happens usually is, when I get up in the morning I am greeted by a gumby green battery and it's all good to go. Not today, however. Today, I still have the battery of doom. And, I don't have a flippin' clue why that could be. Same iPhone, same computer, same docking cradle. Ah, but wait...

Last night when I synced up, I got a notification about downloading the newest version of yadaya. So, I hit 'yes' and went on to something else. You don't have much choice; if you say no, the gizmo eventually stops working correctly. But, when you say yes, the gizmo may not work correctly, either. A damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. I fear I have become the victim, yet again, of Moment of Truth failure. Which means I'll most likely be on the phone, on hold for hours, with Apple.

Technology is grand when it works as it's meant to, but most of the time for doesn't. In fact, it makes me very nervous. Very easily tweeked when it comes to gizmos. Not very comfortable with the 'bugs' that usually need to be worked out of the first version of the newest software downloads...

I learned that the hard way when I was running a creative services division. It seemed that every other day, one of my creative guys was coming to me, "Holly, I need money to upgrade to the latest version of software for, (fill-in-the-blank)." The problem was that the latest version of software was never inexpensive. Never. Shocking actually. And, if I recommended that we hold off and not install it...well, let me tell you the argument that I got back warning against it was amazing. My photographer, Ben, needed a slew of software. Greg, my graphic artist needed totally different software for his work. Some of the stuff they could share, but there was always a wish list of vast differences. Unending. But, if you're a good boss, and I was excellent, getting what your team needs to be successful is your main focus. And, main budgetary headache.

Being the boss and Queen, I'd win the budget argument. Only to lose the tech war. We did it my way. Once. I'm a quick study. It only takes one hard lesson. So, as I directed, we waited on the next version of the software. And, when the budget permitted we loaded the version after that. Can I tell you? It's like the world ended. None of the programs on the system wanted to play nice with each other any longer. Error messages. Fatal this and that. What an ass-pain.

I have to give my guys credit...although I could read it clearly on their faces, they never once said, "I told you so." Good men.

And, that's how I developed my Moment of Truth Theory. See, when everything is brand new, and all programs start out with the virgin version, they're all on equal footing. They play well with others. But, once the software geeks start developing the next versions of (fill-in-the-blank) they don't collaborate with the other software companies. You don't hear them asking, "We're getting ready to launch our next update. Are you ready with yours so they'll stay compatible? No? Okay, we'll wait." Just doesn't happen.

So, the Moments of Truth get bigger and bigger and the spaces between working compatibility, in reverse correlation, get smaller and smaller. In order to avoid these cascading headaches, you're held hostage to the expenditure of each and every upgrade.

If you only have a couple of software programs on the computer, I suppose it's not that big an issue, but in a creative department, there are many and they are expensive and massive. You just want to pull your hair out and scream, "Can't you all talk with each other so we can keep this coordinated better?!" Nope. Can't be done. So, keep the check book handy.

Just like my life...the more things I have to attend to, the greater the moments of truth when I could be missing something or screwing up. I suppose it's the truth for all of us. And, now that my internal hard drive is older it's so full of information, that I really worry. The problem is, I don't know how to delete files from my brain to make room for new info. I'm just hoping that I don't get a fatal error message anytime soon.

I'd write more, but I have to get on hold for the next 24 hours with Apple. Oh goodie!

Namaste' Till Next Time,


PureCommonSense said...

I've had my share of trouble with technology in the past. But whenever I get one of those upgrade messages, I always delete it right away or hit the "remind me later button." There's some upgrade I've told to "remind me later" for like a year now. There's probably a newer version now...haha. When it comes to technology nowadays, if I don't know what I'm doing I just try to deal from a position of strength.

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Whitney said...

This is why I try to avoid anything that blinks, beebs or requires more maintenance than I do. Needless to say, I am constantly frustrated with technology. I am attached to my cell phone but as soon as something goes wrong, I'm lost. No clue how to fix it and no clue how to go thru the day without it! :o)

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