Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm So Outta Here!

San Antonio awaits the entire Frock clan. Except for Rory & Fiona; we've made arrangements for them to stay with Aunt Cindy & Uncle Al. I hope they behave and act like respectable house guests instead of wild Scottish Highlanders!

Mike and I will have a couple of days to see the sites before Melissa and her friend Zach join us on Wednesday. Then on to Evan's graduation from basic on Friday. It'll be interesting to hear Mike's take on San Antonio and how different it is since he was at Lackland years ago!

I haven't yet decided if the lap-top will make the trek with us. While it certainly would make it easier to stay in touch with you, there's another part of me that questions, "Do I really need to drag one more thing around with me?!" So, the decision is not yet made, just as I am not yet packed.

Packing makes my head hurt. I hate it. Michael, on the other hand, seems to march right through it. Clothes, shoes, toiletries, book, done.

Me? Even though I am far from a girly-girl who needs to look glamorous and enviously pulled-together each day, packing is complicated. Clothes: do I take a fresh top for each day? What about evenings if we go out, do I need dressier clothes? Shoes: do I need dress shoes? Walking shoes and tennis shoes? Toiletries: Don't even go there; shampoo, perfume, make-up, face cream... crap, do I even need to take it? Why don't I just go to WalMart there and buy it. Most critical, which jewelry: depends on what I'm wearing, so I best make choices first.

Now, it all fits in one suitcase, but does it meet the weight limitation so we're not charged a $50 extra fee?! These air lines, hell, Jesse James used a gun when he held people up; somehow that seems a lot more honorable!

And on and on and on...So not fair...Traveling for me is already stressful enough!

At any rate, that's what is yelling for my attention this morning, so I better get moving. Not only do I have to pack for me, I have to pack up Fiona & Rory, too! Make sure you check in regularly, because you never know, I might just finagle a daily post. But, you know me, if not, rest assured I'll come home with lots to share about our adventures with Evan and Texas.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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