Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ava Awwws

It occurs to me that Ava could be falling victim to Second Child Syndrome.  You know what I mean...the first child gets all the attention and the cooing and awing and then the second one comes along and we're too busy to take the time to coo.

I realize that this blog may also be part of that unfair happening; I know I was much more liberal with sharing Livy with all of you and I haven't been the same with Ava.  Now that I realize the error of my ways, well, I won't have it!  Little Ava is especially darling to my eyes because it's astounding how much she looks like my beloved Laura at this age.  Truly, it's like having baby Lar-Lar once again.

As you can tell, Ava will and does eat anything.  Even her birthday sign. 

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Great Aunt Holly x2


Anonymous said...

Second child syndrome? Methinks sometimes it happens the other way...most people veer toward the new toy; puppies being cuter than old dogs, etc. So how's Livi? :)

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I'm sorry to say I was awful at documenting my daughters as I added a new one. Daughter #1... there are all kinds of photos and a well written in baby book. Daughter # still did the pictures and began writing in the book. By the time #3 came along, her picutes always included one if not both of the other girls... and I really meant to write in the book. I did buy one.

joyce said...

I tried to explain second child syndrome to my second child, he was not impressed and said he told me so all along.
Ava is adorable,,,,I wonder if my kids' kids will look like them,,,,if they even have any, they're both sworn off it right now but I hope at least one of them changes his mind!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Eight months already!?!? Wow. Miss Ava is beautiful and I welcome many more photos of her anytime.

My youngest sister-- "The 5th child"... She swears that her Christening photos and graduation photos are all on the same roll of film :-)

xo jj

Sara Dahlman said...

Well, she might be the second but she is just as sweet as the first. What a little cutie pie. And the sign looks delicious. :)

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