Monday, June 6, 2011

When Blogs Collide!

"The puppies will be ready for visitors sometime around June 4," Lynn explained. "Gary and I would be happy to have you and Michael bring Rory and Fiona to see them. Would that work for you?"

The chance to see eight wheaten Scotties? To hold them and smell puppy breath and cuddle? You bet. Well, even if it is a good six+ hours of a drive, how many times do you get that chance?! Michael said, "I'll re-arrange my schedule; no way I'm letting you go without me. I need to make sure you come home with only the two dogs you went with!" "They're already going to their homes and are not for sale," I shot back. "That's good, so I'm just along for the fun then!"

Lynn and I met here in the blog world. She is the mad hand behind Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures. And, she and I chat on Facebook as well. I've found her to be loving and generous like many dog breeders. She's got a huge crush on Rory because he's so cute and lovable and she has a mad passion for wheaten Scotties. It seemed a fun chance to visit their farm in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

I've often wondered what it would be like to live some place so remotely set, that you always know a car in the driveway is someone who is specifically coming to see you. Always someone you're expecting or who knows the way to your home. A driveway whose crunch of stone means someone you're likely to be happy to see is on their way. That's what Lynn and Gary have there at Rocky Creek.

We spent the evening sitting out on the lawn and getting to know each other in real time instead of blog time. We dined alfresco and Lynn shared the secret to her great salad! We laughed as we watched Rory play with a young cow almost the same color as he, dancing back and forth along the fence. We did get weary of Fiona barking her bossy bark but she wouldn't yield and the cows wouldn't listen to her, so it was pretty much an impasse.

I met her beloved Scotties. Piper and Rory eventually accepted each other enough to sit butt to butt and watch the night fall. We all looked up to witness the gift of a sky heavy with stars because there is no light pollution to blot out their twinkle. I made a wish as a falling star streaked through the velvet above me.

We spent the night tucked under the eaves of a home that is ancient and whispers its secrets if you listen carefully. It was a Walton's moment when the lights downstairs where turned off and the house went completely black...and the night became brighter outside the windows than what was in the room with you. Crickets chirped a lullaby.

The quilts that Lynn and her female kin have made keeping us warm through the wonderfully cool night. Dogs curled at our feet not moving, completely exhausted from a fun night of introduction to cows, other Scotties, and country air.

Morning came and the soft lowing of cows drifted through the windows. The sounds of puppies mewling for attention crept up the stairs to wake us. Big Scots barking from their bedroom as they heard the two visiting Scots coming down the stairs added to the morning serenade.

A wonderful breakfast of muffins and melon. Long chats over coffee and then it was back in the car to make the trip home. A short visit so worth the long drive. Because when blogs collide, the world is made more loving and fun. When blogs collide you learn so much and can't help but be amazed how interesting and fascinating the lives of others are and how lucky we are to learn of them.

When blogs collide, a woman you didn't really know becomes a friend and Rory gets another fan and both he and Fiona now have an Auntie Lynn. A woman who wanted to hug him even though he was a mess from running in the farm grass wet with dew. We now know the good woman and good man who live at Rocky Creek Farm always welcome you.

Yeah, when blogs collide it can be just like that.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Anonymous said...

I love my quotes and this one I found for you....

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them. ~Francesco Guicciardini

Great story and I'm sure this will be a lasting friendship....

Take care,

Eva Gallant said...

Sounds like a wonderful time...and the puppies are adorable!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

And those tears - they are welling up again!! That's what good friends do to me when they touch my heart! Please come back anytime - even if we don't have puppies!!


Joanna Jenkins said...

I am officially jealous, Holly. How I would love to meet you in person and talk, and talk, and talk, face to face.

It sounds like a perfect getaway and a wonderful time for everyone. The puppies are so darn cute that Michael was good to come along just in case you tried to sneak one out the back door when no one was looking :-)

You describe the time together so beautifully it was almost as good as being there. Thank you.

xoxox jj

Sarah said...

Awwwwww they are toooo cute..I so want one:) I love it when this happens! When we connect here! I am with Joanna! I would love to sit and chat with you in person..give you a big ole hug and love on those pups!!
Hugs and love, Sarah

Cinner said...

I think this is just wonderful Holly. It sounds like the perfect visit. would have liked to see the dogs reacting to the cows...wondering about your last email, how things went. hugs to you

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