Friday, May 6, 2011

More Lessons From Rory

For years, I've given my dogs a 'vitamin cook,' every morning. I take vitamins each day and think that life can be so stressful, a little extra fortification has to be a good thing. I think the same is true for our animals as well.

The brand I've used all these years is Pet Tabs. My old vet used them as a treat for his 'patients' who were good during an exam. My animals love them.

The other day, Michael and I were shopping for supplies at PetsMart. We noticed that the GNC company now has an entire line of various supplements and vitamins for all animals. Knowing GNC is a reliable company, and after reviewing the label to determine the ingredients were pretty much the same, we then got down to price. The GNC brand was significantly less expensive, so that was the deciding factor. The next morning, we went through our usual routine using the new vitamins.

Now, let me remind you that I'm still amazed after five years, how regimented and routine these Scotties are. They do not like to deviate from their schedules. Of all my animals, these two take the cake in this regard.

While my other animals had a routine, it was my routine they followed, and they flexed accordingly to The Queen's Will. Well, since these two are dogs, Rory & Fiona must bend to my will as well, but they absolutely let me know they are not amused by this. And, they've trained me well enough to know that it's easier just to let them stick to the familiar.

So, the morning ritual is- small carrots and a vitamin tab to be eaten under the dining room table, followed immediately by 'brekkie' in the bowls in the kitchen. Sometimes Rory likes to play a bit and wants me to snatch the vitamin and carrot away. After a few swipes, he will jump on them and keep me from getting them. Being victorious, the game is over and breakfast is eaten.

The first day with the new vitamins went as usual. Rory is a finicky eater. Fiona loves that he is because it means that, if we're not paying attention, she'll get two meals for the price of one. So we have to watch Rory to make sure we either pick up his meal or he eats it.

Over a few days time, I noticed that Rory was really off his feed and routine in the morning. He didn't want me to play with the vitamin and carrot, and in fact, he didn't want to eat them. He'd drag to his bowl to eat his kibble. I started to get concerned and then, just the other day, I paid attention as I handed him his vitamin and he very quietly turned his head away. He wouldn't eat it.

That's when it struck me, "Oh for heaven's sake, he doesn't like the new vitamins!" Upon which I called Michael and the conversation went like this, "Hon, I don't think the Boydog likes the new vitamins. I can't even make him take them anymore. I'm having a hard time imagining the new ones can taste much different because they smell the same, but honestly, I think he knows the difference."

"How's Fiona with them," he asked before quickly adding, "Never mind, she'll eat anything." "Right, she eats them just fine," I confirmed. I asked if I could buy the Pet Tabs which, considering the amount of money we just spent on the other vitamins, might mean that there's no money in the budget to spend. He answered, "I suppose. It's a pain, but he's such a simple, undemanding dog that if he really doesn't like the new ones, I feel like we have to get him the other." He said that with a sigh; I understood. Crazy animals....what difference should the brand of vitamin make?!

The whole way home after buying the old brand I was saying, "If I bring these home and open the bottle which means I can't return them and he turns his nose up at them which means it's not the brand it's just this little odd dog being odd once again, I'm going to be really pissed these dogs are entirely spoiled and I'm an idiot for giving into this nonsense I should know better and I am really a chump." was just like that run on sentence when I was having it run through my head.

Back home, I called Rory and handed him a vitamin. I swear his eyes lit up as he took it straight away! He came back looking for another. This morning, I'm happy to report that morning routine is back on track and no coaxing was needed to eat or take our vitamins.

So here's the thing that Rory taught me through all of this. Being uncomplicated, simple, and polite are virtues that are hard to ignore. Because he pretty much always does what we expect and ask of him...okay, let's not look at how he can't seem to come when we call him once he's outside...

Because he is always polite and quiet with no fussing when he absolutely doesn't like something, we find that we want to do what we can to make him happy. Even it it takes us out of our way a bit.

He was patient with how long it took me to finally figure it out. And, it's okay that he let us know he has a preference when it comes to some things; it doesn't have to be all our way. When something or someone is as quiet in their needs or demands, it seems a no-brainer to do what you can to make them happy.

It's such an easy thing and it makes me feel good to see him happy with his old brand of vitamin, even though it means a hit to my wallet. I'm still very happy to do it for him.

I think I'm going to work on being polite, quiet, uncomplicated, and undemanding. Wish me luck. I'm not as smart as my dog.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Rory's Human

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Eva Gallant said...

Oh, that is too funny; Rory, the dog with a finely tuned palate and discerning taste1

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