Monday, February 7, 2011

An Open Letter to Afghanistan

Dear Afghanistan:

I have been informed by my son that he will be deployed at some point. You are a big country and I do not know where he will be; nor should I. I am not sure how I feel about this; anxious is the best adjective to describe it. However, he is pleased to be considered important to the our mission there and is eager to do his part.

It is no less than I expect of my son, and we are proud of his willingness to do his job.

But, let me be very clear about it- You are to return him in exactly the same condition that we sent him.

With regard to my son, you are to be grateful for American willingness to do what your own government and countrymen will not do for you. You are to keep him safe.

You are to remember that your own people are being damaged by the eternal conflict that you heap upon your own heads. If you do not want foreigners in your country, learn to be a positive part of the world society, and stop aiding terrorists. We will be happy to have our sons and daughters home with us again.

It's not like any of them are there on vacation or tourism. Still, while he is there...

...I hope he can find moments of beauty in your complicated, stony, arid country. I hope he can look with compassion upon your people. I hope that he can learn further lessons in being a Real Human Being through his time spent with you. I hope he will discover what most wise people know, that very rarely if ever, are the people like their governments. I hope he will see that we are all just trying to get through our given day as effectively as possible.

I hope he will be given ample example of how truly blessed we are as Americans and feel compassion toward those who struggle in ways we cannot imagine. I hope he will have opportunity to learn and strengthen his character.

But, you must remember that he is My son. And, you will do as I say. You will return him to us when his time with you is finished. You will not see him harmed. I am lending him to you only. You must return him to us better for having been there with you.

After all, I know where you are. And, I am not afraid of you. Be warned.

Holly aka Queen of The Universe aka Airman Frock's Step-Mother


Kris said...

My best wishes are with you and your family. It's a scary thought and I wish him a safe journey and mission!

Eva Gallant said...

I hope all the sons, dauthers, mothers, fathers,wives and husbands deployed there return to their families safely. That was a touching post.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Holly, In a word-- Oy. I hope Evan's deployment is short and sweet. And I hope you will pass along his mailing address while he's away so we can send him cards from home.

While he's away I'll be sending prayers and my sincere thanks to him and our service men and women along side of him.

xoxoxoxo jj

Kyddryn said...

Long ago, when I was still young, my brother was sent to Saudi and then parts unknown as part of Desert Shield. I remember warning the entire Middle East that it had better behave and give him back to us whole and sound.

There is nothing quite like the combination of fear and pride that one feels when someone one loves puts themselves in the way of danger to do what they believe is right.

My thoughts and hopes for a swift, safe return of your son are with you. My grateful thanks to him for his service.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Cinner said...

Oh Holly, what a powerful post. I will pray that he comes home safe, as K says pride and fear,. big hugs to you and your family. I often think of you. love c

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful for the sacrifices that the men and women of our military make to protect us. Please extend a sincere thank you to your son.
And I am also in awe of the sacrifices of the family members of those men and women; after all, they did not volunteer for that duty. So thank you, too, and thank you for reminding us.

Auntie Pam

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