Monday, September 28, 2009

Five Little Words & Me

Oh, that Joanna Jenkins! She's always getting me into some mischief or trouble. As a fellow word-smith, she and I have discovered the fun of spurring each other on and I have to say, I love it. So thanks girl for sending me five words that I'm to use to weave as part of the telling of myself to you.

As part of this exercise, I'm to offer to send five words to five readers who might like to play along. So, if you want me to do that, just let me know. And, now to the words:

Gracious: As in "Gracious, me!" which I actually say quite a bit when I'm surprised or don't know quite what to say. I suppose it's as close to the Southern, "Well, bless your heart!" Which can be used when you're being sincere or you're being snotty. I love things that work like that.

Okay, Gracious...when I think of the word, three women come to mind immediately. My friend Jackie Cavanaugh; my sister-in-law Linda; and my friend Eileen Mross. I'm lucky to have met lots of gracious women and men. But, the word reflects how I see these women most particularly.

I attempt to be gracious. Admittedly, I'm often more like a bull in a china shop, but I'm working continually on the gracious part.

Fascinate: I try to do that with every story I tell, everything I write. I try to look at the world that the most fascinating thing ever. I definitely look at people that way. I still maintain that there's not a spirit among us who doesn't have a story that would fascinate any of us. However, most of them, unfortunately, are not asked to tell their story. Want to be fascinated? Go ask someone to tell you a story from their life.

Husband: Why do we have so many sit-coms and commercials that bash husbands and make them look stupid and trivial? Why is that humorous? Don't answer; it's another, "Why is the sky blue," question. Open-ended with no good answer.

I often wonder why so many women marry a man and begin working immediately to turn him into a science project. If you need a hobby, get one; don't marry one! But, if you really feel that disdain for your spouse, it says way more about you and your poor choices than it ever could about the science proj, er, husband!

I have had two excellent husbands. Both have brought a depth and richness to my life that I would not have had otherwise. To both of them I am grateful. I think most of us have the husband we grow up with and then the husband we grow old with...a very rare few of us have one mate who fills both roles.

To my Beloved Michael, my husband- I love you and you've given me the life I dreamed. To my former husband, Doog, you are loved for all you brought to my life and our continued friendship.

Inspiration: This is a word we over use and never really consider its true meaning, so I'm going to give you the definition here: A divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him to receive and communicate sacred revelation. Or: The act of drawing breathe in.

We all must have a situation or an individual who truly does this for us. Each of us needs to find that spark of divine awareness. For me, it was my father, Jimmy.

And, on many levels and many occasions, it's all of you that I've encountered in the blogging community. Go breathe in something or someone who amazes you; try to get a deep breath of it every day!

Perhaps all of us would be agents of inspiration if we remembered that we are the face, voice, hands, and touch of Spirit to any situation, creature, and each person we encounter. Yeah...that would be a really good thing to remember and react accordingly. What do you draw into your life, your world, you awareness? How are you inspired? Do you act to inspire others?

Confidence: I wish I had more of it. What things could I accomplish if I had a deeper well of this virtue? Would I talk myself out of less? Would I try a bit harder and work a bit longer at getting what I know should be mine?

Would I hold my head higher? Be kinder to myself and my short comings? More at ease in my own skin?


As I've grown older, I've learned that often confidence see-saws with caring...but not in the way you might think. I think your confidence goes up when how much you care what others think of you goes down. Coupled with how much you begin caring more about what you think of yourself.

So, I'm going to continue working on that balancing act. Care to join me on the Teeter Tooter?

Those are my five and of them I think, inspiration is my favorite word. What say you?

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Adores Words


Kris said...

Only five? Hmm I need to think about this one more for sure. Great post and thoughts!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Holly,

Your writing is so good. You make it look easy.

Definitely enjoyed your take on all of these words. I know I use "inspiration' a lot and I truly believe and feel I am inspired by the people and things around me.'ve given me more food for thought.

Kyddryn said...

May I play, Mizz Holly?

Gracious, but you're fascinating! Your confindence inspires me!

In all seriousness, what struck me most this time around was "husband". I haven't got one any more and am better off for it, but I am often distressed by how mainstream media makes them look like buffoons. Thank you for pointing out the good side of husbandry.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What wonderful words! Gracious is a word that has always had a fascination (there goes another one!) for me. How does one become gracious and what defines grace. There are so many forms that word can take. I couldn't agree more with your definition of husband and the science project. This should be read by all young women thinking of engaging in the act of marriage! your posts! said...

Such great words Holly! I most definitely love the word inspiration. (:

joyce said...

That would be a fun exercise.....usually if I'm told I have to write about something, its hard to do. You did it well, my gracious, fascinating, and inspiring friend!

joyce said...

Sure Holly, I'll take a bite.....five words pleas!

Eileen said...

My goodness ... that was my treat for today ... to know that you see me as gracious. Really loved all of your thoughtful comments today Holly.

Stefanie H. said...

Oh, I'd like to play!! I have a livejournal I could post my ramblings on. :)

clairedulalune said...

Ohhh, Holly, I do love words! Once in a while I take dictonary and deiscover new words and their meanings! I will play if you can! I love your words Holly, they are weaving mind magic!

Alix said...

High five on your awesome five.

Beautifully crafted as usual, Holly. I do so love your perspectives on all things great and small.

Joanna gave me five words too and I'm still contemplating them. If I depict them even a fraction as well as you, I will be happy.

jkc said...

After cleaning all day, I finally got to sit down at the computer and what a lovely surprise to see myself listed among your gracious people. I don't think I have ever thought of myself that way, but I shall certainly try to lve up to your description of me. Honestly, what a motivation that is for me to be a better person. Thank you ever so much for both the kind words and the inspiration to live up to them. Love you!

Rowe said...
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Karen D said...
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Sara said...

I love your words Holly. It was nice to hear your thoughts on them. xoxo

Julie said...

Yes, Holly I would love to play. Please send me five words. I am starting a 90 day challenge to change on Wednesday (90 days to the end of the year) and my challenge is to post every day on my blog. This would be an awesome start. Bring it on!

Joanne said...

Holly that was beautifully inspirational - loved reading your take on all five words - FABULOUS!!!

miss*R said...

loved reading your thoughts on each word.. 'specially inspiration!

Sarah said...

I'm always ready to play - word play..yup I'm ready - loved this post Holly!! I see all of these things in you..but the confidence - yup I really love that one. Isn't it a joy when that finaly comes to you. I have always admired those who have it from the start! Took me years to find it!!
The husband thing..yeah - am with you there too. I don't have time for a project..honestly..they are who they are and either you are good with it or not. You are so very lucky and blessed to have found Michael!! IT frustrates me beyond speaking when men are offered up as idiots in front of Fox! How do we expect them to be good men when all they are shown is idiots!?

You do inspire me...look at what I created this week...just because of you. I think it may be one of my favorites! All your fault girl!!
Wonderful thought provoking post my dear!! Love you, Sarah

Dreamwriter said...

I now live in the South, but I am from New York. *Bless your heart* can certainly be snotty or more of a phony way of wanting to say something else.

Us New Yorkers get straight to the point! If we don't like something we simply say *Go Scratch your Ass!*

I hope that it was OK to share that.LOL!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Holly, Thanks a million for playing along! Great job! Reading your five words was like sitting across the kitchen table from you and having a fab "girl talk" over ice tea and cookies. Your honesty, candor and wit are priceless-- So is your friendship.
Love you girl! xo

Barbara said...

Loved hearing all these things about you, Holly. I sometimes read your posts and think we must have known each other in a previous life. :p) Thanks for sharing.

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

I too have often wondered about the way TV depicts Husbands. I get very upset with the way Hollywood tells us what we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to look, and what we are supposed to believe in. Whatever happened to individuality?

Genie Sea said...

"If you need a hobby, get one. Don't marry one." I LOVE that line! I adore what you have done with all the words but that is seriously my fave! :)

I have noticed that almost all sitcoms with married couples typecast the man as an irresponsible screwball, and the wife as a bossy shrew. Is that the kind of marriage we are to model? I don't find it funny at all :)

Karen D said...

My husband is always saying I am in a bull in a china shop, I hear you there. Love the word challenge.
Thanks for sharing, it was fun getting to know more about you through this word challenge.

Karen D said...

My husband is always saying I am in a bull in a china shop, I hear you there. Love the word challenge.
Thanks for sharing, it was fun getting to know more about you through this word challenge.

cinner said...

hey hi holly, you inspire me, just stopping in to say hi and let tou know I was thinking about you. big hug.

beth said... did you narrow it down to five ??

and then make it flow so fabulously well ??

my turn to hate you.....hee hee


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