Monday, September 30, 2013

He's Become So Important To Me

 It's funny how some people have a way of entering into you thoughts and even heart almost as soon as you meet them.  He's one of those.  I knew straight away during the first meeting that this is a man who has lived his life as fully as possible, holds few grudges, loves to laugh and make others laugh.  He is the sort who wants you to feel comfortable when you sit with him.

Oh, he is the consummate sales man; was a traveling salesman for years and years before being offered a big job with Hanover Shoes.  Many of the people in Hanover owe him for giving them their first and perhaps only job.  He's well known, and well respected.  He loves the ladies, likes to make them feel special, pretty, necessary.  Likes to flirt, but not in the smarmy, icky way.  He's just the sort of guy you want to give a hug even if you don't know him very well.

He is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. He's had his demons and issues with which to contend. And, as he has grown older, he's grown up and expanded his views on things.  He successfully raised eight children, survived the death of one of them way too early, and now listens to the stories of grand children and now the start of great grand children.

He's battled a significant battle with cancer that has ruined his jaw, stolen his eye, and marred that adorable face.  He's always been a bit vain about his looks; so now he doesn't like to go out much and he feels less than because his looks have been changed.  He is sad about all that he's lost through this fight. But most days, you can still easily see that twinkle in his good eye and he still loves to laugh.  Watching him go through all of this really has been an example of the tenacity of the Human spirit to thrive.  I have come to admire him a great deal through this long, hard ordeal.  And, my sister-in-love, Theresa who has been there every day for him truly gets my applause and admiration for all she's done to bring him this far.  It's been no easy feat for her and her family. 

He admits that he's becoming tired and ready to give up the fight.  He's all right if the Creator calls him home, and proud of all his children have done and become.  He classifies his life as a 'great one.'  And, I think he's proud of how he is still so very important to all of us.

Today, Michael is in Hanover with Dad while he undergoes a major cancer surgery.  This is a big one. It will require extensive removal of his scalp and perhaps part of his face. If we're lucky, the surgeon will be able to do the skin graft at the same time.  If she can remove all the cancerous tissue and get clean edges.  IF.  And, I am here praying and supporting from a distance.  The fact is, while he might be all right with leaving, I'm not.  I've come to think of him as Dad.  He's slipped into the void that was created when my beloved father left the world. 

I'm not usually a selfish person.  I try to put the needs of others ahead of mine.  But, today I can't do that.  Today, Dad, sorry to tell you, I'm going with my wants ahead of yours.  You need to come through this surgery.  You still have stories to tell me, and teases to make.  I need to hear you laugh again a thousand more times and watch that twinkle in your eye while you do.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Carroll Frock's Daughter-in-love


joyce said...

sounds like a scary time for all involved. Best wishes for a successful surgery.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Holly, I so wish I was there to keep you company while Michael is with his Dad. But know, I'm praying and sending positive vibes, love and hugs to all of you.

Cancer is an gawd awful disease, there's no two ways about it and this surgery sounds tough. But it sounds like your Dad has much to live for and I hope it's an easy recovery for him.

You've spoken about this great man before and I've come to know how much you care for him. Hang in there my friend. I'm cheering you on from the West Coast. Please keep me posted.

xoxox jj

Cindy said...

oh Holly this made me cry , I too have seen you mention him before and he sounds like a wonderful man.He has been through such an ordeal. I sure hope he continues to laugh and tease you for a long time yet to come. I am sending prayers and love your way.If you every just want to talk call me.
thinking of you and all your family.

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