Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Not That

Have you ever had one of those times when you're hungry, you know you're hungry, and you start running the list of things you could eat? Or, you stand with the glare from the light inside of the refrigerator being the brightest of possibilities because nothing in there jumps out as The Thing that might satisfy?

Or your driving and every place you could stop meets with, "Mehhh, or nope, or I had that two days ago," so you continue driving in hope that the place will finally appear?

Have you ever been hungry and even the thought of your favorite food doesn't seem to work? Not even chocolate?

But, you know you're hungry because your tummy rumbles or you just can't stop thinking, "I'm hungry,"?

Well guess what? You're not hungry; you're thirsty!

Yep, most of us have forgot what it is to recognize thirst, especially women because most of us walk around in a constant state of slight, if not great, dehydration. Women don't want to bother with peeing so they stop drinking. Crazy, but true. And, with so many options around for what to drink, we think we're getting enough fluids but it's only water that really does the trick for the body.

So, if you think you're hungry and you just can't figure out what to eat, reach for a glass of water and drink it all down. Wait about 5 minutes and see if you discover that suddenly, you aren't hungry after all!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Is Discovering The Beauty of Drinking Water


Cinner said...

This is the dang truth Holly, and think I am always in a state of dehydration...but I do work on it...hugs to you, hope you are well.

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Was just thinking about a drink of water--now I'm off to get one!

joyce said...

That is very good advice, I know I don't drink nearly enough water, once in a while I go for a few days of working with a beer mug of water beside me, then it slips by the wayside again.

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