Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Few Precious Moments

I haven't been ignoring you. I'm still very much here. It's just that my days are taken up following this intrepid wee one around and making sure that Rory and Fiona don't stuff him in the dust bin.

Argyle has taken over the house; much like any new baby seems to do. And, much to the dismay of the orderly routine that all here had established. But, each day I see progress. Tiny steps to match his tiny paws.

While he catches a few minutes to re-charge his devilment tank, I want to use the time and make certain to wish all of us a Happy New Year. Truly, I do.

I don't make resolutions anymore. Well, let me take that back, I do make only one resolution: I resolve to stay open to the possibility of all that a year might bring me. That's the best that I can do.

But, I do make wishes and hopes for all that I know and love, so for you, I hope:

May you find the 'old' in the new
Hold those well loved, close to you.
May you find grace to say, 'Amen'
If times seem difficult, you'll know when.
May you always laugh and smile
And remember to rest awhile.
May you find the comfort in tears
When sad times appear.
May you learn to greet each new day
With expectations of good your way.
May you love, and like, and grow
And remember that Spirit loves you so.
May your wisdom grow through your living
And our world expand through your giving.
May others brighten your life's course
As you live in Light with no remorse.

Happy New Year and may this one bring so much more than you expected and bring with it the grace to live in hope and expectation of loving all of our lives, the salty and the sweet. See you all next year!

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Eva Gallant said...

Right back at you, girl!

Sara Dahlman said...

Happiest of New Years to you Holly.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Holly, I thought Argyle might be keeping you busy ;-)

Thanks for the wonderful wishes and right back at you my friend.

A happy and healthy 2012 to you and your family.

xoxoxoxoxox jj

sema said...

Hi Holly,
Thank you for your beautiful new year wishes.
Wishing you a happy,healthy and prosperous 2012.

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