Monday, September 19, 2011

Just So You Know...

There is a good possibility that I said a prayer for you this day, or sent a thought {{hug}}, or deliberately smiled when your name drifted through my thoughts. And for those of you, of whose belief system I am sure, I've said a prayer in that vein. It is said that praying for a person, 'by name,' is the most powerful form of prayer. I like the notion of being able to amp up a simple good thought into something that supports and nurtures.

If I dreamed of you in the night, when I awoke I sent a blessing. If your name comes to me during the day, I stop and send you a specific good thought. If you are dealing with a physical issue or energetic imbalance, with your permission, I have sent Reiki. Because, I think we all need this.

I haven't been awake all that long, but for some reason today, if I were to post all the names that have stopped to visit with me, the list would be quite long.

So, please know that I 'heard' you and sent a positive thought spiraling up and out with your name attached like a card on a balloon released into a clear blue sky.

All these years attempting to understand the nature of the relationship with Spirit means that now I am certain of some things but honestly, prayer isn't one of them. I can't say with a certainty that I understand what constitutes prayer. I just know that being in contact to all that is good seems like a definition.

So just so you know, I heard you and sent a 'prayer'. Or, loving experiences I've shared with you crossed my mind and I whispered, 'thank you.' Or, if you are scared and worried or dealing with a hard issue, your need has been acknowledged and supported.

Or, for any of another reason and causes...just so you were thought of with positive energy and love this day.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Anonymous said...

That was nice Holly....actually bought tears to my eyes.

Take care,

Sara said...

Sweet Holly. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I think of you often and send happy thoughts and light your way. I do not understand prayer either, but I will say that it is good. It is very very good.

Love to you always. xx

Eva Gallant said...

Thanks, Holly; Mr. Eva and I can use all the prayers we can get!

Alison said...

Thank you Holly. Loving thoughts to you too. x

Cinner said...

You have a kind and loving heart, think about you lots. hugs.

jkc said...

Lovely post, Holly...and very much you!

Joanna Jenkins said...

And that, my friend, is why I love you.
Beautiful post. xo jj

Miss Robyn said...

this is lovely Holly - I think I will borrow this idea xoxo

sema said...

Such beautiful words!
So thoughtful of you to send positive energy to all.
Love you my friend.

Blessings for abundance,

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