Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Must Get This Off My Chest

While I am proud to live in a country where Freedom of Speech & Expression are protected, and while I absolutely agree with all citizens of the United States having access to that protected freedom, let me say this...

Any man who says he is a holy man, and publicly would set fire to the Quran, or any other holy book, is NOT a holy man.

In a world where anger and hatred seem to be running rampant, no holy book, work, image, or idea is without merit. We need all of them for contemplation and balance. You do not have to believe what your neighbors believe. You do not need to understand it. You simply must be grateful that Good Books are a part of our values. All roads lead us to someplace. All of them.

I do not ask you to believe in God/Goddess and completely accept your views if you don't; each of us must believe what we truly believe. I simply wish for all of us to believe in goodness and the rightness of our Human Nature and support each other along our journey to enlightenment.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Hopes All Good Things


Her Speak said...

Truly. Here's to goodness. May it show its face often. :)

Much Joy~*

Sarah said...

You are not alone hon...this made me very upset. There is never call for this kind of behavior ..no matter what your belief system! No call at all. To me this group of people remind me of those who boycott soldiers funerals..ignorant. Three cheers hon for speaking the truth! Here is to calm and goodness!!

Lucy said to tell Rory..she adores him too!! She has a picture of him :)

My little unicorn giggled at the thought of being lusted LOL!! She will be available soon..if ya want her..giggle..ok lust her!

Hugs and love to you, Sarah

Eva Gallant said...

I so agree. The man is more about hate than love.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I am so with you on this one, Holly. I was livid when I heard of the Quran burning. Then I heard of the consequences of his actions and yelled at the tv when the "holy man" justified his them despite the death of innocent people. What a bunch of ignorant crackpots.
xo jj

Marisa@Getting Back To Basics said...

I agree. A steep price was paid for one man's stupidity and selfish need to be in the lime light.

Kathy said...

I sometimes believe this country takes our freedoms too far, but yet I support a nation that allows us do that. I have a battle going on inside of me about that issue.

I do not believe in burning another religions materials because I do not want mine burned. I am shocked at the deaths that it caused.

I do not believe that a renigade church of haters should protest at our soldiers funerals but it was decided, they have that right. I don't agree.

What happened to "Do unto others...?"

Cinner said...

I so totally agree with you Holly. What we need is a lot more goodness in the world. Hugs to you.

gayle said...

I agree too!!!

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