Monday, January 17, 2011

When Does Learning Turn To Failure?

You have a choice. You can either view the really horrible, difficult situations in your life as a massive opportunity to learn more than you know now and develop a humble gratitude for the lessons...

...or you can see them as another example of how the Universe uses you as a toilet taking yet another massive dump on you.

You ask if you are a loser and failure because of the situation you now find yourself. Yes, it's true you designed it. Made the choices. Insisted on having your own way. Ignored the best wisdom of those around you. Were absolutely stubborn. Does that make you a loser and a failure?

No. That makes you human.

What will make you a failure is if, now that you know that your choices are incredibly wrong, you stay with them because you're afraid of what others might think, might say.

You become a loser if you think that staying seems better than moving on into the unknown. If you continue because undoing it seems too complicated. Yes, it's very frightening...but staying in a spirit killing situation is even more frightening.

You'll be a loser if you're more concerned about what others might think or say than you're concerned about what your spirit is urgently whispering now.

You're a failure if you don't feel all you need to feel about the current situation and walk forward into your life with the firm commitment that you will learn all you need to learn and add it to your experiences toward becoming a Real Human Being.

The situation? Yes, you designed it and realize, now, it was not good design. You realize that you've designed misery. But, you've only designed failure if you insist on having your way instead of doing the right thing.

You are not a failure by design; you become a failure by choice.

Which choice will you make?

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Has Been There


Eva Gallant said...

Wow! Great post. Excellent insight, Holly.

MiMi said...

Holly ... a really good post ... and just after you said your goodbyes (for now) ... my mind is all buzzing about the story behind this wisdom.

Kathy said...

I agree you make the choices, but you can't be so afraid of failing that you are to afraid to act. You will not succeed in everything you try, but don't stop trying. Right?

sema said...

Beautiful Post,Holly, that it inspired me to write today's post at my blog and also design a motivational magnet for my store.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Holly, That's a lot to think about and a good question-- Yes, I've been a loser in my adult life-- but I'm pretty sure it was my younger adult life and I've learned A LOT from my mistakes. In my case, ego and fear of admitting failure were at the core of my loserness. Thanks for the reminder of those lessons so I don't make them again.

Now I'm off to see what Sema has to day.

xo jj

Life With Dogs said...

I choose mediocrity - it fits like a glove!

Marisa@ Getting Back To Basics said...

Excellent post Holly...a lot to think about. Hope your foot is healing well...all the best for a speedy recovery so you can get back in the dance. Marisa

spottedwolf said...

actually Love...
we are never losers for this world is but illusion and at the most brilliant point of connection it is that simple fact which separates the soul from the delusional mind. This world could not have humor...without sorrow.....nor pleasure...were it not for pain. Love the worriers and the lost for they are the ones who need that blessing more than all those who believe that successfullness must be measured by human standards. After all true humility is but bowing one's head to be thankful for the eyes to understand. No less.

"never treat another like a passing stranger...always try to keep your love light burning....listen closely to their song and watch their eyes for....they might be the Prince of Peace returning"

Cinner said...

Holly great post, sorry to hear about your foot surgery, I hope you are on the mend. thinking of you. hugs.

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