Thursday, November 11, 2010

Insult To Injury

By now you all know that I'm built for comfort, not speed. You'll know how much I struggle with weight and being OVER weight. Being round and zaftig, when really, I would prefer being mean and lean.

You'll know that I attempt to follow Weight Watchers, but I've stopped paying the monthly fee for following on line. I tell myself that it's my effort toward fiscal responsibility. Michael's always happy when I can trim another something off the list of monthly expenses. Ironic I can trim the budget but not my size...go figure.

You'll know that my thyroid has joined the party to conspire against me and now my 'sluggish' metabolism is now more like a door-stop than a working system.

You'll know that I have been, most likely, a sloth in many life times....and speed and movement, to me, seem anathema to life.

You'll know that I've decided to continue to fight the good fight each day despite the form my body would have you believe.

You'll know that I cherish my body and continually thank it for doing most of what I ask of it.

You'll know that I'm continually shocked by the changes it goes through thanks to my eyebrows turning into bristles, etc...

So, why am I so surprised, that when I'm sent for an ultra-sound of my liver to determine why I have elevated liver enzymes...

...that the report comes back, "fatty liver,"????

Don't you think that I'd figure that everything on me has decided to use "fatty" as the first descriptor? Come on!

Do I really need to add that insult to injury?! For crap sake. Thanks for nothing, liver. You fatty traitor.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Is Round


Eva Gallant said...

I hear ya'. I've been living "in the round" as well. It's not easy being round!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ugh! Who comes up with these medical terms anyway?!? You'd think a "diagnosis" could be a little more creative and easier to hear. Sheesh.

I just cancelled my W.W. online svc too. I can't remember the last time I even recorded anything on it. Seems like I've been gaining and losing the exact same pounds for months now.

Oh well, onward!

xoxoxo jj

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

You've got the diagnosis, now what is the prognosis? What do they want you to do? Are you going to be okay?

Yeah, I've done them all baby, from Atkins to Weight Watchers. I'm just made from "cood cherman stock". And I love ice cream. And napping.

Maybe we need a little bloggers weight loss challenge?

Heather said...

I've been dealing with liver issues of my own recently as well. Jury is still out on results but I'm taking livatone plus which is supposed to support healthy liver function. Just figured I'd pass it along... don't know what your recommendations have been but the no alcohol and no advil (almost 8 weeks now) have been killer for me. Also, I just started paying for WW online, so I guess I quickly made up for your cancellation!

Alison said...

I love this post, especially as I am an Apple Woman myself! I hope your liver situation improves. x

Cinner said...

Holly I so hope you are feeling better soon, it can be so frustrating, I swear if one more doctor mentions that I am overweight I am going to tell them it is wonderful all their years of medical school has paid off....oh do I sound snarky. A month ago I could hardly walk 2o steps, the best thing I did was get on a treadmill....holly I can not explain what a difference it has made, not in my weight so far, but in my energy level. all the best my friend, think of you often. hugs.

gayle said...

My girlfriend has just been told she has a fatty liver. The doctors think that some of her meds may be causing this. Good luck to you!

Lille Diane said...

Hi Holly... I just got the same news this past week. My doc said it may be due to weight gain. I'm going to do a liver cleanse--the old Epsom salts, lemon juice & olive oil one. Maybe I'll lose a few lbs in the process. lol What did your doc suggest to you or say what caused it?

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