Friday, August 6, 2010

Five And Fabulous!

Rory and Fiona were born ten days apart. She's older and bossier. They are half brother and sister; same sire, different dams. He was a busy Scottie five years ago! Sadly he came to a very tragic end when he escaped shortly after and was struck by a car. That makes these two the last of the line. Sadly.

But, today's story is about birthdays and many happy returns of the day! In the mail came a package addressed to me but was really for the two of them. Sarah Sullivan made them tie-dye bandannas! And she even popped in a wee Halloween treat for me.

I am continually struck by how the blog world has grown so many friendships for all of us that would not have happened otherwise. We all live so far from each other, but here in the blog-o-sphere, we're able to be friends and care for and about each other. Able to celebrate our fun times and support each other in the sad ones. And, even though many of us will never have the opportunity to meet in person, the friendships are no less real.

Thanks, Sarah, for such cute scarves and making a 5th birthday so special. I know these two wild highlanders of mine really think they are, as Rory might say, "Grrrrrand!" Happy birthday to my wonderful Scotties!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Mommer


Sarah said...

Oh oh oh oh arrrrrooooo to them both!! Happy Birthdays to youuuuus!!! I love fun to see them wearing them!! You totally made my day! Love to the puppies and great big hugs to you hon!! :)

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Happy, Happy Birthday - we just realized that we share a name, just different spellings - your Rory and our Ruairi.

orchidlover said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Scotties

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Eva Gallant said...

Too cute! Birthday wishes to those two lovlies!

mel said...

Happiest of birthdays to the two gorgeous wee beasties! They do look fancy all posed there in their new scarves....


Life With Dogs said...

Hey hey, happy birthday to my two favorite Scotties ever! And Sarah you did a great job jazzing them up for the big day!

Robyn said...


Happy birthday to a couple of very cute dogs and congratulations to you Holly for being a loving owner.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Your pups look lovely in Sarah's scarves. (She's the greatest!) Happy birthday to them!

I couldn't agree with you more about the friendships we make in the blog world. It's an huge bonus that I had never expected. And YOU, my dear Holly, are the first blog friend I made.

Love you girl,
xo jj

TechnoBabe said...

You are right about the caring in the blog world, wonderful people these bloggers!! Your blog is one I have appreciated for a long time. I read your blog without commenting many times. Without you knowing it, you have gotten me through some tough times. I know I am not the only person who has struggles and even someone like you who seems to have it all together faces trials. I can see why your sweet Scotties are dear to you. Many happy birthdays to come and I hope they enjoy their special day.

Big Pissy said...

awwwwww! They look SO cute!!!

Love the pictures!

Happy Birthday to your sweet puppers! :)

Cinner said...

Happy Birthday to Rory and Fiona, they look so cute in their scarves. love this post. take care Holly, hope you are well. hugs.

Karen D said...

so cute.. happy birthday to your lovely pups

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