Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happily Ever After....Hmm, I Wonder....

Let's do a happy dance. I find I am reading again! I'm able to once again sit and read for long stretches at a time. It's been awhile since I was able to do this. Sad to say. I was just not able to sit and concentrate that long on things.

I'm not sure what the change is...but I'm just glad that I can again. Maybe it's the's so easy to sit and just read on the lighted page. I can lay in bed at night and not bother Michael's rest with a nightlight glowing over a book while I wrestle. Or, it could be that I've finally given myself a break.

I decided that I can't always read a texty sort of know, one that has to do with philosophy or Reiki, or anything that requires attention and pondering. Sometimes you just have to let it be for nothing more than, "I just want to read to escape!"

I want to read a beachy know, one that you don't care if it gets all smudged with sunblock, or the binding gets cracked because of the sand that's caught in it. Or one that you leave behind because it's all swollen and wrinkled from the damp, rich, glorious beach air. I want to read a book like that.

So, I found one. It's not important which one it is, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was rather predictable in lots of ways but I will admit that the author was able to throw a few curve balls in there to make me stop and admire, "Oh, that was very clever; I didn't see that one coming at all!"

That's what got me thinking...maybe it's just me, but I suspect you can do the same thing. I'm pretty good at seeing ahead in a book. I can generally sense how a plot is going to go...meaning, I'm generally not really surprised by much unless the author is really good at telling a tale with unsuspected twists.

And, because I'm good at seeing where "this is going," it occurs to me that we can all pretty much tell by how a writer tells their tale if they're leading us toward a happy ending. Can't you sense the writer's intention once you're involved in the plot? Don't you know when the writer wants the characters to have a good outcome?

Oh sure, there will be drama, and the moments when you groan, "Oh no!" Especially when you want the happy ending because you like the characters. You begin rooting for them and staying hopeful for them to get that good ending.

So, that got me to thinking...if we are the authors of our own life stories...if we truly do craft our existence once step at a time, one choice at a time...

...if what we want is the, "She/He lived happily ever after," then we have to stop worrying if it's out there because it definitely is there....even when in the moment, in the chapter, it seems that the path to it is temporarily disrupted.

Happily ever after is there but you just have to get through the next couple of chapters and see how it all turns out. The good ending is not an 'if'; it's a 'how' and 'when'. You want a happy ending? Write it into your story.

I know I am the author of my story. Even though lots of times it's easier to think I'm just a cosmic puppet with no say in the play. I know that's not true. I am the writer of my autobiography. The director of my play.

Can't you just tell by reading my writing that I want the happy ending? Sure you can. So, if you can sense that I want that, you have to know as the writer I'm going to lead myself to it. To that last final few words....when it all comes together...and you get a bit misty eyed because you really liked those characters and you're happy that your faith in the good endings has been renewed.

Yeah...I like happy endings and I like a story with twists and turns and ups and downs and moments of, "You've got to be kidding!'

So, I'm going to stop wondering if the happy ending is there. I now know without question that the Divine Author's intention for me is the "And she lived happily ever after." I can just feel it in the way the Author has lead the plot so far.

Yep, the unexpected twists are still out there. But, without having to fret about the end; with the happy ending now secured in my mind...I'm sure I'll be reacting to those twists in an entirely different manner. I'll be able to deal with them in completely new ways.

Oh, I just love it when a story comes together!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Is Reading Once Again


Sarah said...

Holly I loved that!! Yes I think we all wish for happy endings..and adventures and romance and excitement..a winning lottery ticket would work for me too LOL!
But I love your point..that we are our authors...we determine our direction..I so believe that! Wonderful post hon!!
I need ya to send me your address..well verify it for me so I can send off your puppies bandanas!!
Hugs and love, Sarah

Eva Gallant said...

a lot of truth there!

spottedwolf said...

Yadda yadda everyone who drowned in the sunami a few years back the orchestrator of their own life?? I think not....I think it is not the 'what' of life which is the context of how we seek.....but the 'what' is actually a 'how'.....of the way we handle what the great Mother hands her children. Does that mean I do not subscribe to 'ordained destiny' ???? Exactly...I believe 'ordained destiny' is warned against in the commandments....the one about vaity and God's name. The gifted Druidic sage Pelagius argued against 'ordained destiny' in the face of two different early Popes...winning in the 1st 'go' and losing in 'round two'......condemned and executed.
His adversary....August of Hippo...a north African black man who is reputed to have abandoned his family to seek 'god'....much as the story about Guatama Siddhartha....the 1st Buddha.

So why do you ascribe to this idea, Holly ? Is it because you've long seen yourself acquire the things you need through hard work and effort? I certainly hope you can see that. Will it circumvent a cosmic law of average concerning the collective surroundings you exist within ? Not one bit and thus may influence your search for peace and harmony in the toughest of latitudes at some point in the future as it threatens now. You long believed more in preparedness than some fairy-tale happy ending. Preparedness is the gift of desire to connect to a greater consciousness....which through understanding releases us from the fear of loss.....the greatest illusion of all. That is what you've spent many years trying to absorb from your learning path.....did you suddenly open a very early-learned door which holds the ultimate secrets to how your triggers begin?? Are you afraid you'll not solve the riddle ?? What if this riddle is more about acceptance than rejection......? remember all you've learned about children who cannot expect response ???

beth said...

we are our own authors....but during the summer, i'd rather just take notes while i read the amazing words of others.....

Joanna Jenkins said...

I like the way you are thinking, Holly. Yes, life is full of twists and turn and the unexpected but looking for a happy ending in it all-- and making the best of life and those twists is really a healthy way of looking at it.
Cheers, jj

Sara said...

First of all... I want an iPad. :) Second of all... I'm with you on getting lost in a story book. Just a story.

And Holly, I like this idea of the happy ending. And of writing your own story. Believing in the happy ending to me is believing that, in the end, all will be as it should be. The paths we take to this ending can be many... but they will all lead to it I believe. Why not make it interesting along the way.


ps... thank you for your comment on my blog today. I love you too.

Alison said...

I always like your writing Holly. It's thoughtful and well-crafted. And I know what you're saying. Luv you!

Cinner said...

So glad your reading Holly, I loved your post, always learn from them, glad you are well, miss you, c

Karen D said...

two words: THANK YOU.....

Boy did I need to hear this today.. it has me choking up with emotiona and that is always a sign for me that I am hearing something that is a truth for me.


gayle said...

Glad to hear you were stuck and couldn't read but now you can. That's were I am!! I can't seem to focus. I am doing nothing but everything. I have been off all summer and have gotten nothing done. Reading blogs, wash clothes, read email, make a bed, face book, fold clothes. I am all over the place. Can't read and I Love to read. Can't even really clean clean my house if you know what I mean. So yes I am so glad you posted this because now I know there is hope for me!
Now I am going to go and think positive!!

TechnoBabe said...

I really like when you say if you want a happy ending in your story, write it in there.

Big Pissy said...

I love the way you express yourself, Holly. :)

Thanks for writing that post and sharing it with us!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Holly, it must be a mid-life thing. I, too, find I have the attention span of a gnat and can't stay on the page for long. So I listen to audiobooks. Interesting about the iPad. I may just have to get one :-)

Robyn said...

Holly I'm happy to read that you are able to do what you like... such as reading again.
Sorry that it was not possible for a time.

I hope you are well.
Thinking of you
xx Robyn

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