Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Corner of The World Discovered

Walk through the archway with me...

...and out into the bright, clear light of the Mayan Riviera.

Were the Caribbean Sea shows off more colors of turquoise and blue than you thought could be collected in one spot.

Where you are invited to walk on a shore made of ancient coral that now resembles stones but one time lived beneath the wash of blue.

A place where..

...even the furnishings work to surprise and delight. To invite you to sit in artistic ability.

Where the colors captivate your spirit and bring a smile even to a face made weary from travel and distance.

The colors outside the door...

... all colors that here look garish, there look like a sonata sounds...harmonious and pleasing.

Orange and yellow mellowed in the clear air and equatorial heat.

And fragrance wafting on the warm, moist air joins with the sights to make you sigh.

Where pink and red are more than a little girl's favorite colors.

Where the locals are not afraid of gringos and, in fact, live peacefully with them.

A spot of paradise where beach wear is not required but adds to the colors...

And you're glad to let frogs spit on you to cool you down as you wilt in the light.

Where you find a azure bed to read a good book or just let your mind wander willynilly.

A spot where the Mayan civilization was at its glorious peak thousands of years ago, and where the people truly do look different than others I've seen. A beautiful blend of caramel and latte' as skin colors. A place where artwork helps you to see the beauty of the every day.

And attention to detail is closely paid. A hallmark of all artists. You only need to stop and see it for yourself. Discover the art in the every day.

A corner of the earth where artistic dragons... with real ones. And where one is not more exciting to come upon than the other.

A garden of earthly delights where you walk and talk with goddesses...

And stop in the spot of great medicine and power...

...a chance to pay homage to the Jaguar Medicine. And quietly send your prayer into the blinding blue heavens.

Stop to say, "Buenos Dias," to the gods.

A spot called the Mayan Riviera where this Queen of The Universe will remember the view with great fondness.


Namaste' Till Next Time,


Cinner said...

Holly, thanks for showing all of these lovely photos, I am thrilled you enjoyed it so. lucky lucky you. I have never been but someday. I especially love the color of the water. take care. hugs to you.

Eva Gallant said...

The photos are all so gorgeous. I'm envious! Enjoy!

Eileen said...

Holly, my Lord this spot of paradise is just gorgeous. I might not have thought I would long to go there, but now that I've seen these ... oh, what a treat that would be!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I could so use that azure bed right about now-- with or without the spitting frogs :-)

The look on your face at the end sums it all up. I swear you look so rested and relaxed and, like you said-- Ahhhhhhhh.

This was a fabulous post Holly that had to have taken a lot of work to put together. And I'm so glad you did. Taking a vacation vicariously through a dear friend is ALMOST as good as being there.

Alix said...

Holly! Those images!

They are positively captivating. All of them. Even the beaded handle on the straw beach tote. You are gloriously talented. Your eyes see things mine would skip over and I envy that so.

Looks like you had perfect breezy warm sunshiny weather - and NO OIL SLICKS.

Your happy relaxed smile says it all. So happy you got away to enjoy a little paradise.

Love you, honey.

gayle said...

You are so lucky that you were able to take such a wonderful vacation!! I love the pictures!!

Life With Dogs said...

I wonderful way to share...and to make me jealous. I've never been, but I'll dare to dream...

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