Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Baby In Our Family

Oh, Olivia I am sorry to say there is a new baby in our family who is making us coo and sigh. You should have guessed it was just a question of time before your reign as the Baby in the family was complete. I don't suppose that any of us thought it would happen this soon, after a mere 11 months, but sorry to say it has.

Livy, My Dear, accept it with grace.

Yep! There is a new baby in the Dietor/Frock family. I know Melissa's not married yet, but sometimes these things happen. And, we're delighted. So, with that said, let me introduce you to...


Oh my gawd, is he not just the cutest thing you've seen in a long, long time?!

An eight-week-old, French Bulldog, Jodi has already proven himself to be a champ and quite self contained. No crying during his first car ride to his new home. I want to kiss those ears! No crying for him through the first night in a strange place without his litter mates, no sir! He is in control.

Rory & Fiona reminded me that throughout history, the Scots and the French have been very good allies, so they are more than delighted to have a nephew. And, secretly Rory is even more happy because now Fiona will have someone else to boss about, relieving some of his daily burden.

Wee Jodi has already established that the blue binky, which is almost bigger than his head, is the toy of choice out of his already impressive stash. As you can see, he guards it quite closely.

But, all of that takes a great deal of energy so fast, often unexpected, naps are required to rebuild that bravado. You can find him in this pose quite often.

However, of all the cute pictures that will be taken of our new baby, I'm thinking this might be one of my continual favs...

...this one of Jodi and Daddy Zach. Zach is Melissa's intended. And, what I say here now is the real kernel of this happy event. The image is the gift of love.

Money is an on-going struggle for the two of them, just as it is for most young people these days. And, let's be honest, for most of us in this down economy and life. Sad to say.

Zach made it his mission to grant Melissa's desire to own such a wonderful creature. It's not been easy. It won't be convenient going forward to be the excellent owners I know they will be. Money is a headache.

But, Zach in his usual quiet, and determined way made it his goal to grant Melissa's wish. And, isn't that what this Season of Lights is all about?

Thanks, Zach, for giving me another example of the meaning of love and Christmas. You and now Jodi are both very welcome additions to our Family.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka DogNanna Holly


Debra She Who Seeks said...

His ears ARE gorgeous!

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

He's such an adorable pup!
Zach is an awesome guy!!

beth said...

ohhhh I think I could smell his delicious puppy breath all the way over here.....pure yumminess !!

Pyroclasm Jones said...

Oh. My. Word.

That first picture makes him look like something Jim Henson dreamed up. <3

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Holly, he is adorable. You should check out Brutus the Frenchie's blog - he is in to agility and apparently very good at it. Here's the address -

I always get a "kick" out of his escapades.

Enjoy! And I have to agree on the love in that picture.

Big Pissy said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!!!


All the pictures are gorgeous.

Congrats on the new family member! :)

melissa said...

Thank you for the nod in the blog today, WSM! Also, thanks to the followers for the kind comments. I completely agree:
*He DOES look like some sort of Muppet Factory product- I wanted a breed that would make me smile EVERY time I looked at him.
*Zach is a VERY awesome guy- I'm continually reminded how lucky I am to have him in my life and to be adding him to the family.
*Puppy Breath is a whole other story- this breed is known for an incredible stink capacity, and for a 5 pound pup, Jodi can bowl over an adult human with one "breath" from the other end...ew!
*I am on my way to check out Brutus' blog, because Jodi and I have a list of goals that includes agility, as well as obedience and TDI (therapy dogs international).
Blessings of the season and many thanks for the kindnesses!
~melissa and jodi and zach (and the 3 cats that are adjusting slowly)

joyce said...

Oh my....he does look to be one of a kind! Treasure his puppyness!

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh he is just tooo freaking cute!! I soooo want one! I am so impressed with him...that he understands her hearts desire!! What a guy!
Hugs to you Holly..I missed you and glad you are back from your travels!! Love, Sarah

Ribbon said...

Puppies make me smile.
I love them... actually any baby animal is a joy to see.

best wishes always beautiful Holly
love Ribbon xx

Sara said...

Oh my goodness... ADORABLE! I can't stand it... he is too cute!

Suzie said...

What an adorable little baby! And what an adorable guy for making his beloved's wish come true!

Alix said...

Oh my. Delightful little spit bag. Casa Hice LOVES puppies!

gayle said...

What a cute little puppy!

Eileen said...

Holly ... I am a sucker for making someone's dream come true ... so congrats to Zach for pulling this off and I do think Jodi has the best parents ever! And the extended family is pretty awesome too!

Kavindra said...

Well I still think Livy is cuter, tho it is VERY close ... still, Livy doesn't have that sweet puppy breath, so ....

(He's soooo tiny. I do love him.)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

oooooohhhhh! Cuter than cute! :D

Donna said...


Joanna Jenkins said...

I fell in love with the first picture. Miss Jodi is adorable. Isn't it nice to have a baby to spoil again :-)

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